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Just had my med's changed

Having been on plaquenil for 6months now, the pain and mobility came to a head. It has resulted in being signed off work. I luckily got an urgent appointment to see my consultant. I am now on 10mg daily of prednisone and azathoprine. I go back next week to see how I'm getting on. Before going back I ended up on 8 tramadol a day and topping up with oral morphine. Because I have lupus crossed with sjogrens, I suffer with a bad dry mouth so I've lost a lot of weight because I can't eat the foods I did, I end up choking. I hope the steriods will help but really don't want to but weight back on

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You poor thing! I hope the new meds work and you get some relief now

i was on plaquenil for 2 months but took myself off them as they made

me verbally and almost physically agressive. My poor partner took the brunt of it.


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