morning sunshine!

wow had solid 3.5 hrs sleep last night and i feel sooooo much better for did get my hopes up by telling me it would be nearer 7 hrs and i do feel a bit nuasea and stomache playin up,but i forgive him as 3.5 is prob double what i was having on a very good night before sleepin pills.bit of bummer yesterday though as my appointment to see orthopaedic had been cancelled but no one thought to let me know so wasted journey (it happens i know)but it pisses me off .got blood results back yesterday too and as i havn't clue what they mean rhue factor neg so are rest except 1 which shows my body is fighting something.x

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  • Yup sums up my night.....

  • totaly with you,i wish one of the side effects of lupus was sleepiness at night.Your bloods prob indicate a positive A.N.A result ????the norm in lupus?have you tried a meletonin supplement at night?May help?but dont take aswell as sleeping pills.You will never wake!

  • handy to know lol x

  • Many of u know how I feel about bloods lol! Well I'm on the Amaretto & coke 2nite ;0) Managed 4 hours last nite so it's going up! Aiming for 4 1/2 2nite ;0)

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