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New symptoms ????????????

I was laying in bed last night when my cheek felt as though i was walking through a cobweb ( strange sensation ) and my lips started to sting and later stinging on my leg .

I went to the bathroom and my neck looked rashy but that soon went , then suddenly my mouth felt very dry .

I hardly slept through worrying and i dont have any allergies i know of ! Any ideas whats going on !???????????

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Now have creepy crawlies feeling over my mouth and chin !


It's a nerves and your sensitivity now you have lupus . Look at all your meds to see if this is a relation cause by some off your medication.

Hugs and hugs for your health Luppychick x


Larissa, I keep getting a strange feeling in my cheeks as well, mainly left, but also fizzy lips and burning mouth! No one seems to know why....but it does go away as fast as it came! Try to ignore it and it may subside.

Good luck, hope it goes away soon.



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