With the scandal of Staffordshire in the News again and all our healthcare at stake

Please take the time to sign this petition and pass it on. I need help with this, it will only take off if people can gain signatures for it. Thank you.



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  • Hi Maryf just signed it hope many more do the same

  • Thank you, and do pass it on if you possibly can, thanks. Mary F x

  • i also live in east anglia. i recently changed my doctors as different opinions confused me and because they made me feel like a hypochondriac,more often than not left surgery in tears.before changing surgeries they got me an app to see bone specialist.i'm feeling a bit anxious as it is tomorow and not expecting any answers but don't think i can handle being treated the way docs treated me.anyway really just wanted to know how to sign your petition.not really

  • It should be fairly straight forward, Mary F x

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