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Hand rash ? Does this look like lupus related ?

Hi, I'm 23 and have been diagnosed with lupus SLE just over a year ago. I get am on 200 mg of hydroxychloroquine and and trying to decrease my prednisone and have got down to 5 mg but have had to increase it again as haven't been feeling great. I have been seeing a Chinese doctor every week and have acupuncture as well. This is really helping with my back and joint pain. Over the Christmas period he has been away and don't know how I am going to make it another week till he is back. I also see a sports injury guy who give me exercises to help my back. I do feel like an old lady as after work all I can think about is if I'm going to be able to get to bed by 8:30.

Main question I wanted to ask was does my finger look like I a lumps rash or is t chill blains like my GP thinks( it's not cold) if anyone is willing to help I am willing to send a picture. Please help, I want to nip this in the bud before I have a flare up. Any advise would be amazing as I am still learning about this shitty illness. It has ruined my life already. :(

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Hi Xliddy, I have been getting a rash like you describe intermittently for many years, pre & post lupus diagnosis. I've also had Raynaud's all my life. It is particularly bad on my toes at the moment. Fortunately this coincided with a rheumy appointment, so I was able to show her. She thought it looked like a form of vasculitis & has done blood test to help diagnosis. I don't know which ones, but I can ask & let you know, if you think it will be helpful.

You will find lots more info & possibly pics of/about this kind of rash on the Raynaud's forum, click on 'my communities' top of this page. You can put rash into the search, or check out other peoples comments & questions on similar topics.

Best wishes. X


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