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help: what does "backwards staphylococcus aureus triple plus infection" mean?

ok, so here i go again. flucloxacillin cleared up a bad infected bug bite on my arm this summer. now i'm on it again fo an infection in my nasal passage, and i'll be very grateful if someone can tell me the significance of this specific type of infection (the triple plus bit is something i've never heard of) and why the GP is anxious about it.

this all came about cause my fab regular GP had given me a swab kit to take home and use next time i had a nose infection (usually these have been pulp lesions, i just treat with bactroban, but my dermatologist wants us to check what kind of bacteria we're dealing with cause i developed resistance to naseptin and now i've had to use bactoprban regularly too over past year). so i used this swab on this bleeding lesion-like sore 'whatever' making my nose hurt deep inside - this started up about 5 days ago. anyway, i expected not to hear anything, but one of the GPs phoned early this a.m. sounding kind of nervous and asking me " how do you feel?", and telling me to get in quick and pick up antibiotics for a "backwards staphylococcus aureus triple plus infection" that penycillin can't help and that has to be treated with swallowed antibiotics cause my immune system is suppressed. so, cause he sounded so nice and willing to talk, i asked him: if SLE makes my immune system stay in overdrive, how can my immune system is suppressed enough to get so many infections? he sort of chuckled and said, " now you're getting deep!". so i said, I know, i know! anyway, yes of course this infection is why i've been feeling sort of flu-y! but also, of course, with SLE, i feel sorta sick all the time, so what the heck: keep calm & carry on! if i hadn't used the swab kit, i'd probably just be toughing this infection out....but usually if they don't go away within a week i do see the GP about them

anyway, am hoping someone is up on technical vocab enough to know the significance of this description of my nasal passage infection (the GP seemed to be implying that the "triple plus" makes it extra nasty or something?). in case it's relevant, am on plaquenil 400mg daily which helps a lot, and had my flu jab a week ago.

thanks in advance!

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In case anyone comes to this ? And is interested:

I've now googled staph aureus infections and learned a bit about them

And yesterday I saw my gp to talk over what to do next cause that week on flucloxicillin has not cleared up this L side sinus infection completely and my upper jaw aches & has twinges too

She explained that the triple + means I actually have the highest degree of infection possible. As opposed, say, to staph aureus simply living in my nose as a matter of course with no actual infection (as ith MRSA, these bugs can just be there all the time, as I'm sure many of you know)

Anyway, seems my infection could be related to a historic molar infection directly below this sinus. This molar had been secretly infected for almost 30 yrs. 20 yrs go it had root Canal and was crowned. So, although it remained slightly sensitive, my very good dentist said he was sure no infection remained. Then a few years ago the tooth flared up and several courses of antibiotics later, a very good oral surgeon extracted it preliminary to putting a titanium implant in. All that took months. Although when the molar came out it was clearly surrounded by infected gum, the surgeon was sure all infection was cleared. Now they are all thinking again: gp & rheumy are on the case, and I will see ENT specialist.

You can imagine how much fun this is. Especially as I've always tried so hard to look after my mouth really well. This is what I get for not being diagnosed with the SLE I've lived with managing all my life. This is what I get for believing my dentist. This is what I get for thinking I was just a hypochondriac and it was ok for my tooth to hurt a bit all the time for years. I feel pretty silly. But how much harder could I have pushed on this? Especially as I didn't know I had lupus

Well, I do know these diagnoses are really really difficult.

And I guess I forgive myself

But on top of everything else I'm managing health wise, this is....BORING, frustrating and uncomfortable

There: I've had a good vent! Hope knowing about my experience is useful to some of you

I do know a lot of you really truly madly deeply understand about having these infections....


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