Norfolk Lupus Group

A good meeting was held with a good turn out again, a committee was elected and we bandied a few ideas around as to what the group would like and what they expect to get from the group, Our Chair is going to see if she can get some consultants like from rheumy, renal, respirtory to come and give a talk and we can ask question, someone suggested the red cross come in, we have had the red cross in the past and they were very good giving information,especially if anyone suffers from Discoid Lupus and the best way to use makeup. All in all a good positive meeting with the next one being held 26th Novemeber at 11.00am at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in room 12 in the Education Centre.

For anyone who is interested Lucy Reeve is holding a coffee morning at Norcutts Garden Centre on 4th November, not too sure of the time but will find out for you all, just another way to meet fellow lupies and not feel as if you are isolated and alone.

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Hi lupiedeb,

Very pleased to hear you had a great meeting. It certainly sounds like the group has a lot of ideas which is fantastic.

Thank you for sharing the details of your next meeting. Please do keep us updated with details of any meetings.

If there's anything you need don't hesitate to get in touch with us at National Office.


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