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I think the Hydroxy is working!

Just want to share my relief as I have had a manic week this week, but managed to hold out and get a lot more done than I have been able to do of late.

I have been on Hydroxy about 3 weeks and didn't think they would have any effect yet but must say my headaches have decreased and I am not aching so much and have had a little bit more energy so all is going well!!!!

I am hoping the longer I'm on them I will improve more and I will be feeling a bit more like a human again as I have forgotten what that feels like!

Wishing all you fellow lupies a relief like I have found.Best wishes to those who are really suffering at the moment.Try to keep smiling I know it's hardx


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I am so glad, that the Hydroxy is working for you! It has really helped me, I have been on them 13 yrs now!! Keep your chin up, things will def improve for you now. xx


it took 3months to reach full effect


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