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newly diagnosed

found out by luck while being pregnant, had pains in my hand joints after having first child, doctors kept saying it was hormonal, but carried on for four years after, went to hospital, during that time fell pregnant again, so lupus was more obvious then, had very hard pregnancy, not too bad now, only on naproxen for the pain, was on Plaquenil for two months, worry could get worse, but no one can tell me this, its like a waiting game

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Welcome to the site. Has the Doctor said exactly what you have been diagnosed with, the Lupus is different in everyone, so you might be able to carry on the way it is now. Are you seeing Consultants at the moment?

Remember we will always be here to give you advice and support, we all get that from each other...


SLE, just got joint pain at the moment, seeing a rheumatologist at the moment, just on pain killers, feel that it might be getting worse, awaiting blood tests, seeing them on 4th November have a better idea then, thank you for replying nice to hear from people with same issues


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