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HealthUnlocked iFrame on Facebook

Starting today we have a new way for you to check the latest questions and blogs in our HealthUnlocked community - we have added an iFrame to our facebook page.

You can now go to our Facebook page and by clicking on the ‘Our Community’ tab on the left hand side it will show you the latest activity on here.

Your privacy is still protected and therefore if you mark any blogs as readable by members only then they will not appear on the Facebook iFrame.

We are hoping that the iFrame will make the community more accessible and that we’ll have more people join in the conversations as a result.

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That is great,as I am new at this I keep thinking that I am possibly not replying correctly or,blogging correctly if it comes to that.good stuff.


I cant seem to acsess this!help please.


I've just replied to your private message. You can find the iframe on the left hand side of our facebook page, the tab called 'our community'


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