Changed plans for the weekend

Here I was full of hope, on Thursday afternoon. Made plans with my hubby to go to Richmond Park on Saturday, for a picnic and kick him at Scrabble. Then in the evening have a cosy night in. Hmmmm... You might say it did not turn out that way. Woke up at 14.00 on Saturday- half dead. Spent the whole Saturday barely standing up, just sleeping on the sofa in my pyjama. Despite drinking loads of coffee, energy drinks I still did not manage to stand up. Manage though to take two showers, but almost fell asleep in them as well. Hubby came home told me: You look dead- or drunk- or both! Awww the lovely weekend with a beautiful flare...

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Aww Sorry to hear your plans were dashed!Blooming frustrating I know !

I get so annoyed with myself if I have to rest all weekend!Chin up, try

again another day.



Thank you Karen for your lovely


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