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Back to work

Well, went back to work yesterday after my enforced sick leave and was tired by the time I got there! Took it easy though and really enjoyed the day ...... just the fact being back among people cheered me up. By half past five, I was totally exhausted but thankfully had prepared tea the night before and one of the kids had it ready for me going home so was able to have that and then just chill. Spent all day today recovering and preparing for going back on Friday!!

Dread to think what bloods and blood pressure will be like tomorrow? Just made me realise that this is not going to be easy and it will be a long time before I can even consider going back to work full time (if ever). Also realised how easy it will be to catch anything going with me being on immunesuppresents.... don't know how many times I washed my hands, dettoxed the phones, computer, till and fax machine. No-one was even allowed to use my pen. One patient had to be told to come back as they were coughing and spluttering everywhere which they did actually take quite well! Must remember and ask about my flu and pneumonia jabs tomorrow too!

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Well sounds like you had a good 1st day back.. Hope the rest go as well!


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