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Has anyone else got strands shooting out from their tearducts at what seems like 90mph. I've been told it could be mucus with a lupus twist?

Because you can't see them and others can barely feel them, I've been told that it's all in my mind. It's like being in a permanent cobweb. They don't wash off and after 5 years of this, I now have severe COPD and I feel so dirty. They're covering my whole body and are going into my ears, nose and mouth and coming out the other end. Nothing seems to cut them or dissolve them and when they go really tight they've pulled teeth and they pull your face out of shape. I have cuts all over from them. Help, help, help pleeeese, I'm starting to question my sanity and Dignitas is frequently on my mind. The whole house is covered in this cobweb! I'm just waiting for the spider!

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I have seen another thread on this forum by someone with the same problem. I'm going to look for it now and then I will get back to you!


Jaynie - I'm so sorry. I finally found the thread I was looking for and it turns out that you wrote it.

I did Google Fishing syndrome though - (I google everything) - and I found an article and an online forum. I don't know if these will help you - this problem sounds horrendous, and my heart goes out to you. I really do hope it helps though.


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