hospital again

well have been to the hospital again for some blood results so hear we go thay have found out atlast that i have "lupus anticoaulant (sle) with antinuclear antibodynpositive lupus that is cross-reative with autoantibodies of double-standed dna (dsdan)with vdlr does anyone elce have that ?? my blood doctor is lost on this one no suprise there he is getting his head together with others in hemo world

he says this is realy rear and dont no how to treat me other than steriods wich i dont wont? and to get me to see some more specalists so im the ginnie-pig once again,as i have also another anti-ammune problem thay have never stummbled on ..o luky me (im trying to see the funnie side )

so yet again fell very confused as he also said that my mussels are being realy affected so i'm lost and no wear to go as every time i think i'm getting there with all the information i hit another brick wall !!!!!

sorry i havent enything possitive to say as once again my head is a mess

take care everyone tracey xx

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Try to relax,it is very important that you do.This is a stressful time but,eventually you will come to terms with your diagnosis.I am not saying that life is going to be easy,but make sure you ask the questions you need to ask and don't be put off .This is not an easy time for you but,eventually you will be able to see things more clearly and hopefully will get clearer answers.Good luck.


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