I read in a Lupus book written by an expert[can't remember the authour]which was recommended for me to read when I was first diagnosed,that reactions to insect bites,and THE MALAIS as it is referred to in the book are definate factors in the Lupus syndrome.Malais is the French way of describing depression,a much nicer way of describing it.I just wish the medications prescribed really did help.I am just going through another reactive stage ,that is what I refer to them as,the reactions that is.Hydroxychoroquine I am relying on you.Anybody else?

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yes Dr Graham Hughes at St Thomas has Severe reaction to insect bites as one of the key alternative criteria for diagnosing SLE..... I suffered really badly when I was a teenager and strongly believe that nearly dying as a severe reaction to an insect bite triggered my lupus - the trauma of not being able to breathe as a result of anaphylactic shock or however you spell it! I used to then carry an epi pen and now take antihistamines when I am bitten to reduce my reaction - left with terrible scars and they blister usually so try not to get bitten in the first place is my advice! I take antimalarials too which help with some things but varies from person to person really I find. Would suggest you speak to your Doctor as you may be better on antidepressants to help with your mood swings......


Thanks for your comments but I get bitten just going for a stroll in the park and at the moment I am going through another bad reaction.I have not even bothered to go to my GP.I have tried every prescribed lotion and pill under the sun and am now on hydroxychloroquine.I am desperate for this to work as I have only been taking it for two weeks.By the way,when I mentioned the subject to my reumatologist,he did not seem to think bad reactions to insect bites were related to the lupus.This is what depresses me.No real answers.


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