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Update from Clairebear

Well hello all again. Update from me. Well the past 5/4 weeks have been tough. Those who read my last blogs will understand for those who didn't well a little up date. Stress, seizures, aches, pains, panic attacks and depression. Few, sounds a lot when you write it all down. As I said the past few weeks have been tough but I'm just taking it one day at a time. Went to my lupus clinic on Wednesday and had a chat(and cry) with my doc. I asked if sress could cause the seizures i've had and she said something that really made me think and put me at rest a little. She said " the brain is a complicated thing and emotional stress can cause a thousand problems and for each person it can be different. Stress is a horrible thing but we all suffer it in one way or another". Wow I'm not going crazy then lol. She suggested that I make time for MYSELF and learn to relax. Join a gym( yeh right!!) , take up yoga( I can just about touch me toes) or go for nice walks( does she know its nearly winter). Well all I can say is that I will try and walk to the local shop or get on the exercise bike. On the other hand, I've booked some tickets to go and see Pink in concert( whoo hoo) and I had some really exciting news on Wednesday. My bestie asked me to be her matron of honour!!!! I was so shocked and so over the moon that I screamed at her lol. This has really picked me up and has given me something to look forward to. Just got to lose the weight now. Have got 19 months. So it's all looking good again. Keep your fingers crossed for me xx Love to all. Keep well xx

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very pleased for you, hope you try to keep busy but thats hard when you are in pain .but sometimes just little things help a lot like something to look forward to .friends can help alot so pleased your friend helped you xxx


Sounds like you have something to look forward to thats so good, yes even a little walk to the shops can help a little fresh air, if you have a ladyzone gym near you I can recomend them they have the machines which move and you offer the resistance I ahve toned up and lost weight with them and the machines help keep my joints a lot, dont worry to much about your weight as your friend has asked you to be Matron of Hounour becuase she wants you and not anyone else hope that makes sense what I am trying to say is please dont get stressed over losing weight or you will be back to square one


Bless you, Sounds like you have a good doc, that really makes a difference. I have panic attacks so don't worry your not going Crazy!! enjoy yourself at the pink concert her music rocks. keep well xxx


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