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In prep for Rhymie app

I have been waiting for 13years to get an app with the right Rhymy. I haven't got the app through yet but at least on waiting list. The week before I go my doc will run the bloods so I have results of latest bloods for the app. Can anyone tell me which bloods to make sure the run please. Also if you could give me a list of medication usually used so I can get my head round them before I go. My memory is so bad I need to write it all down. Funnily enough I had another question to ask here but can't remember what it was lol. Thanks guys! X

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Can only give you a partial answer. Others will fill in what I forget/don't know.

ESR, CRP, Complement levels C3 and C4; anti-dsDNA; anti-Ro; anti-LA; anti-SA; anti-ACL; FBC. Possibly immune markers like IgM, IgE etc.

Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine sulphate) (the main drug, an antimalarial). Maybe steroids (prednisolone). Maybe methotrexate or cyclophosphamide - but unlikely to be prescribed first off.


Thank you Coppernob. I have had no Internet for the last few days but glad to have it back now. That's great information so thank you so much.


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