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Is Lupus connected to gluten intolerance?

I've been diagnosed for nearly 17 years but four years ago started having trouble with high fibre food and for the last 2 years have had to live gluten free. Is this common with Lupus or do we think its unrelated. Thanks

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Hi Helen,

yes I read this in other forums and have had the same problem. I have found it really helped to keep off wheat and gluten. I have also recently started a vegan and raw food diet ( with the help of a dietician) and really starting to feel so much better!..don't think I will ever go back to dairy or meat. I do think diet plays a big part in how we feel.

best wishes



I was diagnosed with SLE about 10 years ago and then 3 years ago started having terrible problems with my intestine. Basically I was only renting food for about 18 months! I am now diagnosed as Coeliac and probable Lupus Enteritis. To be honest I think these things are ALL connected since they're all auto-immune issues. A few years ago I had half my thyroid removed as I'd developed a goitre. My rheumatologist wasn't interested as it was unrelated. OF COURSE it was related - it's ALL related...... I think so anyway! It's all part of me after all! Been ok since being on gluten free diet and the good thing about getting a 'formal' diagnosis is that I can get my gluten free stuff on prescription so the annual 'season' ticket covers all those extra prescriptions too.


Hi davina, has the Gf diet benefited your lupus symptoms & if so how long did it take to notice this?


It depends on whether it was both Lupus Enteritis and Coeliac or not. I am a lot better since being on GF diet - it took quite a while to kick in though - probably as long as 6 months before I was back to 'normal' (what ever that is!). I had lost a lot of weight prior to going on the GF diet. Sadly, I have now put that back on. I've always known that too much wheat made me bloated and uncomfortable. I used to restrict myself to just one portion of wheat a day anyway a few years ago. It is very nice not to have digestion problems any more - on top of all the other stuff it was hard to take and did get me down.


Hi helen

I have had similar issues to davina. I was due to have the biopsy to test for coeliacs (which is in my family) last year but became too ill to under go it.

So I gave up gluten as a trail 4 months ago, & sugar more recently, & I try to stick to a raw/wholefoods diet. My gut issues have improved. My lupus is still active, but I realise it is early days to expect a noticeable difference there.

I agree with davina that theses issues are all symptoms of auto-immune disease, rather than separate issues. We really need a multi-displinary team, rather than seperate appointments with consulatnts who only deal with one thing at a time.


Excellent idea - the holistic view!


Hi, we have been discussing similar things recently.



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