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I am 28 years old and diagnosed with SLE Lupus 2 years ago after falling unwell, and needing a blood transfusion. I have had symptoms of SLE all my life but fought it, thinking it was all in my head. Even as a child if I felt unwell, I was made to go school and get on with it!

I trained and became a PE teacher 7 years ago, and enjoy the profession...apart from the coursework marking :-) I love exercise, training for half marathons, exercising twice a day, cycling to work, running fitness classes etc. Last year I sustained a stress fracture of the first metatarsal, but thinking it was just an ache, I left it. Finally giving into the pain I saw my GP...the MRI scan shows I have a stress fracture and osteoneucrosis. I am in an air cast boot and only allowed to have minimal weight bear!

5 months on and I am still in this boot.... ahhhhh no exercise and starting to feel rubbish. I am awaiting another MRI scan. I am going out of my mind....I thought I had everything under control, exercise was my therapy! :-(

Has anyone else experienced osteoneucrosis? stress fractures?

The consultant said I would never run again...

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Well I hope you do and prove him/her wrong!! :)

No experience of stress fractures or osteoneucrosis, in fact I've never heard of it. I have osteoarethritis which is a sort of stress, or wear and tear as they call it, and sciatica which causes terrible pain if I'm not careful with my back, plus a small scoliosis mid spine...

I can imagine how hard and frustrating it must be for you. Isnt there excercise you can do that doesnt need you to be on your feet?


Had a quick read on osteonecrosis and it sounds pretty serious, have they offered you surgery? or any sort of treatment to get back on your foot properly??


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