I have just visited my professor today. My appointment was at my private hospital where i work.

I didn't realise how lucky i am. I have a lovely job and every member of staff is so caring and genuinely interested in my health.

They all mentioned that i looked so much better today. (Must of looked awful last week?). It helps knowing that colleagues care and it makes me feel very humble. So i am sending well wishes to all you out there!!

Take care and keep well

Kind regards Jill

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Hi Jello - It's great that your colleagues care about your health and that they make the effort to understand lupus. I love it when people say I look well - even when I know I look dreadful!!!

Have a good holiday weekend.



Wow! How lucky are you? My work are unsupportive and really could not care less apart from counting the days off I have for sickness!

Best wishes to you. :0)


May be its because i work in a hospital?? But your probably right just LUCKY!!!!

Cheers :)


Hi Jello

I'm lucky that my fellow work colleagues are very understanding when I can't do so much, due to my pain and stiffness, so they cover for me. Unfortunately, my boss, isn't so. I had to contact her this morning to tell her that I'd had a really bad night and felt too poorly to go to work today and was told off for not giving her more notice. Unfortunately for us this illness gives us no chance for forward planning and we never know how we are going to feel from one day to the next.


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