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pin prick red blood spots

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does anyone know what these tiny pin prick red blood spts i find from time to time on my body. i wonder if it s medication related

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Hello Moss

I get these especially when the sun is out, doctor says it is not an issue, I do wonder some thimes as the larger ones are raised like moles - only blood rerd.

Hi, I have not been diagnosed yet, but I too have pin prick blood spots on my upper arms chest and a large raised one on my breast. I went to the doctor and she told me to go for a blood test which showed high white blood count, and because my sister has lupus and I am having lots of symptoms, she has sent me for a sle blood test. Do you think they are associated with lupus?

Yup I get this. It's called Petechiae. It's a vascular rash and it's common in autoimmune diseases. I believe it's also related to low platelets. It can also occur in meningitis so if this is a new thing for you, see your doctor.

Petechiae can you sometimes have a leakage of blood from these tiny spots.

This is what has happened to me, I am in hospital with Pneumonia at the moment, wondered if it could be due to medication. The blood loss was slight. I was given heparin for a suspected blood clot maybe it is a result of that. Have you heard of this happening before.

I also have these all over and they first appeared when I had meningitis and they have never gone. Doesn't seem to worry my go but then again nothing does.

these do vanish and the re appear- usually on upper body

I get them too and like most people state they come and go and seem to be associated (for me ) with flares .

ok i will menation it to my rheumy

I have them on my fingers and palms and also on my lips. That, together with Raynaud's (which I've had for over 10 years and is now quite severe) and swollen 'sausage' fingers led to a diagnosis of scleroderma as well as SLE..hope it all checks out for you :-)

i get these on the backs of my upper arms (bilaterally in a strange linear formation) and recently under my breast. all my bloods come out ok although to be honest i don't get the test done till they are nearly gone. i try to take pics so i can show the rheumy at my annual visit but they don't seem v interested. they come and go within a few days throughout the year. i associate with a flare but obviously not bad enough to warrant much interest from the docs.

Interesting. I get them too and thought they were petechiae - a symptom of SS. But my rheumy says they're Campbell de Morgan spots, associated with age. Thanks for that! Now I'm not so sure again and still wonder if they are indeed a symptom of SS and an indication that all is not well with the blood vessels.

Sometimes (only sometimes) I do wonder why we bother with these so-called 'experts'. Half the time they seem to know precious little. And I went through hoops to get to this particular rheumy in London precisely because she specialises in Sjogrens and Lupus. Much good it's done me!

I too have that rash, some spots are bigger. I drew my gp AND new rheumys attention to the rash... acted like I never even mentioned it the pair of them.But they do that with everything anyway, I too sometimes wonder why I bother!!

I get these too on my arms and legs...Ive had one or two on my breasts before......I thought it looked like meningitis rash, I will talk to my Rheumy next week about it...I think I usually get them when I have been out in the sun

mine is not a rash just single pin prick sized red blood spots

I have these at moment. My inflammation markers were high after blood test last week. I have vasculitis and had bright red patches on face wrist and hands followed by these pin prick type spots

I have them everywhere!!! Under breast, on them. On the back, on tummy. Now I'm scared shall I show this to my GP

dont fret or worry. no ones blinked an eye at mine

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