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As a young child I was amazed by 3D (I was in Disneyworld, Fla age 15) them the craze came years later for those 3D art things & I couldn't see a thing. NOW we have 3D in cinema & I CANT SEE IT. We recently were almost given a 3D tv, I bought a bluray dvd 3D enabled... I CAN'T SEE THAT EITHER.

Am I alone in this? Is it another Lupus quirk?

Any thoughts anybody??

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  • Was the 3D visible to others in the room??? If yes ... consult with your Opthamologist ASAP. Lupus can affect eyes and or optic nerves. Best to be certain all is as it should be. Loss of 3D vision is not something to ignore.

    Take care. Be well.

  • It was, yes. We had a discussion about how amazing it was to almost be able to touch the things coming out of the screen!!

  • There is a percentage of the population that can not view 3D; but you stated you were able to view 3D as a child - which means some where over the years you lost your 3D vision.

    Definitely consult with your Opthamologist.

    Lupus related or not - vision is too precious to neglect.

    Take care. Be well.

  • Thanks Nouska, you too

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