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my rheumy stopped my plequnil weeks back after many years as he felt my fibro was more problematic and wanted to see how i was with out it (i have non specific connective tissue and 2 ndry fibr, plus other bits) last few days i feel more tired and much more ache in place i ve not noticed. i wonder if the plequnil is coming out my system and perhaps it was helping. my arm s ache and feel heavy and weak

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I have both fibro and lupus is "quiet" at the moment. The fibro tho is causing my left arm to feel weak and heavy, kind of tingly as well, its very hard to explain. I am still taking all my lupus meds as this seems to control it much better for me. Hopefully when you see your rheumy again you can explain how you have been feeling and he will put you back on Plaquenil....I only take 200mg in the morning, maybe a lower dose will be enough for you to get by on also.

gentle hugs from Yvette x


I stopped my antimalarials. However, I said to my rheumatologist they weren't improving anything for me, just making me feel more agitated. I reduced to 200 mg once daily first, with no improvement in my symptoms and then on his advice stopped altogether. I really wish it had improved things for me as some people have real improvements with it. I hope you get things sorted.


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