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Just loving this site!

I'm just sat here reading the posts and comments and I'm just loving the anonymity of it all... i am on FB and have posted onto LUPUS UK page on there but the way it works my friends on FB can see what i've written and sometimes that's not helpful if you want to have a moan or talk about some of the not so pleasant problems that Lupus or the medication gives us then we can do so with relative anonymity... thanks to LUPUS UK and Health Unblocked we have a safe site to come to and share our experiences without some random posts from Russian Ladies with goodness knows what on offer... need I say more?

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I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying the site. Our main ambition in offering this service was to provide a safe platform for people in the lupus community to share and support each other.

We hope that when the site becomes active and open to the whole of the community , it will be popular and grow into a very useful and supportive network.

We really appreciate your help in getting the site off the ground by posting some great content.


This is such a fantastic idea!! I have only posted on fb Lupus page once and was very concious of my friends reading it too. Alot of my friends know I have Lupus but dont really understand it and I dont want them feeling sorry for me, so this is perfect for me to chat with other people about whatever aspect of Lupus I want. Its great to chat to people who can understand what you are going through on a daily basis. Thanks for setting this up. :)


I'm so glad to see that people are liking the idea of this site. We're more than happy to have this service there for you.


Yes, thanks a lot for setting this up.

As Dee said, it's better than the FB option as it's more private. We can also have a laugh here without others judging how 'serious' our condition really is if we're seen to be trying to be positive about it.


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