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Had a meeting with OH today as struggling with a very unsupportive manager in the NHS. My manager seems to be trying to make things difficult and puts obstacles in the way of helping me return to work after my 1st period of illness. I swear she's trying to make life hard so I quit and make her life easier! OH we're fab today and have organised a face to face meeting with HR OH myself and my manager to outline some guidelines for allowing me to be at work without affecting my health further. She has also included in her email the fact that lupus is covered by the employment equality act (formerly DDA) and has allayed a lot of my concerns. It's nice to feel someone is on your side. The rest of the people I work with have been so sweet and supportive that it's a shame my manager has to be so unkind. I know a lot of people who work for the NHS are having similar experiences and would appreciate any advice you could share with me about agreements you managed to arrange with your work. Thanks

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  • I too, work for the NHS, well I did until last week. I have take early ill health retirement, although this was not my first period of sickness, in the last 8 months, I have had 6 months off due to this horrible bloody illness. I think the difficult thing for nurses is the fact that it is a very physical and hard job to carry on with. Also, the NHS do not seem to be terribly supportive to their nursing staff. So much for the caring NHS!! x

  • There are so many nurses on this site that you must begin to wonder if the stress of the job and the shift work has damaged our immunity. OH we're very supportive and are going to put protective measures in place and my colleagues have been great it's just the manager and lead nurse who are pushing employment guidelines and being obstructive. Hopefully in the meeting on 23rd we can iron out issues. Since returning after 5 months off with my 1st crisis (which was brought on by a fall in a work store cupboard!) I have worked hard since April without sickness or leave and have given no cause for complaint-even though I've had days where my joints have burnt in my knees and hands. As you say the caring NHS!!

  • OMG! My boss just resigned. Not sure where this will take me now but she was my biggest stress factor at work so fingers crossed it'll get easier. Thank goodness!!

  • good luck and hope it works out well for you. I too am off with a bad flare at the moment from the NHS and have a meeting with "managers" at the end of the month! I am not holding my breath! Take care.

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