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RVI rang back all results now through-- but consultants secretary hasn`t posted letter as he hasn`t asked for Ellie to be admitted...when we saw him, he said providing the resuklts are the same as previous blood est ( which they are) she would be in for a few days to get the steroids started intravelously. So now we are totally confused..I think his secretary is too ! I told her how bad Ellie has been for 9 days now..out of bed for 6 hours at the most over that time. May sound strange, but I want her to be admitted as then I know we`ve got a start on things (& get even more help than this site gives me!!)

Head & brick wall is springing to mind..... x

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They just rang back..have to go & see him..not until NEXT Monday at a different hospital, as that`s the 1st available appt.. to discuss treatments? thought streroids was the treatment? Totally bamoozled now. His secretary said she wasn`t allowed to `disclose` info ?! Worried now as Ellies white blood count was so high....


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