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Thank you for helping me - I'm on the up!

Just wanted to post a thank you to all that helped me through a very nasty bout of depression. I'm on some new anti depressants and awaiting an appt with shrink ( I think I'm cool having a shrink like they do in USA!)

Anyone out there feeling low I fully sympathise and empathise - its nasty, no one can see it, no blood test, X-ray or scan can show the depth of depression. I wish we were made to change colour when we are low or in pain or poorly - life would be sooooo much easier.

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Love the idea of chameleon colours!!! :D lol that would make life for us "invisible illness sufferers" sooooo much easier then the comments of "you don't look sick/unwell" or "you look fine to me" may not fall out of inconsiderate peoples mouths before they think!!!! :)


So glad you're on the up:) x


Glad you are getting there.


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