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advice please

i have had face rash and burning skin for 6 months. also severe joint pain and sweeling. the consulant says its viral, i know my body, i'm sure its not but am desperate as feeling worse every day, no one can actually tell me what it is and i wont go back to doctor and suffering terribly. Dont know what to do, i feel there is no one I can turn to. I have been to the doctor so often and getting very little help or advice and feeling now I just need to get used to living with it. Its causing me lots of stress.

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I know the feeling !! I had a rash 4 9 months on my face. As that started 2 get better it began on my forearms. I've just had biopsy no 3 ! My dermatologist is convinced it's discoid lupus & said he will continue biopsying until he gets a positive result. Problem is he gives me treatment & by the time the biopsy appt comes the rash is much improved !! It's now a year since I 1st saw a dr, I feel awful, my knees & legs are really painful, my whole body aches & I'm completely exhausted the majority of the time. I'm sure my gp thinks I'm just a moaner & I'm having blood tests 2moro but only 4 routine blood screening. I'm getting so fed up with it all now. Hope your ok x


Hi annaliese,

Please do try to go back to the doc, if you have no faith in your usual doc could you change for a second opinion? Have you had blood tests done? Have you seen a dermatologist? You don't have to go through this alone.


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