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Update from Clairebear. I did it !!

To all that read and gave me positive comments on my last blog. Well another week has passed and the panic attracks have really calmed down. Tablets have kicked in, lupus clinic has phoned to say my blood results are normal( well normal for me) and I've had some great support from my GP, clinic, friends and family. The only bad thing is, doc says if I want she happy for me to go back to work :( So I suppose I better. There is only so much Jeremy Kyle you can watch lol. So I better get my arse in to gear and sort my work stuff out. Let's hope my return to work goes ok. Keep you posted xx

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That is such good news! I am really over the moon that your circumstances have changed so dramatically and in such a good positive way x

I look forward to your future posts :-)



Thanks half pint x


Good luck, I know it is a bit daunting going back to work when you have been off a while. I am sure everyone will be glad to see you.


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