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When will it be summer ??

I am getting really depressed with this weather...... i am fed up of getting wet every time i step out the front door.

Its now July and we really haven't had long spell of decent weather. My kids sports days have been cancelled twice now.... resulting in two days off work wasted !!!!

I don;t know about you but i feel so much better when the sun is shining - i can achieve alot more than on these dull and rainy days :o)

Please Mr Sunshine put your hat on and come out to play !!!!!

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I know! My Husband has taken me to Wimbledon as a Birthday treat and I pray it won't rain tomorrow. We have had a dreadful time since my 1st flare in Dec and subsequent diagnosis and have treated ourselves to a night at a hotel with a pool and then the tennis tomorrow but I've come kitted out for rain, sun and being cold. Anyone searching my bag will think I'm crazy!!!! We really need the break and to have a nice time. He's fast asleep on the bed in the hotel-sometimes I forget how hard this must be for him too. He's been amazing picking up the slack but he works hard too and looks exhausted. Looking forward to well deserved couple time without the kids!



yippee another wet day (groan) i agree WHERE IS THE SUN!!!! i too miss the summer even though the sun can be our enemy i still like the dry warm days !!! fingers x for august when im going away to the coast with my family and dog (she loves the rain).

take care



Summer...hmmm, i think i recall such an event occuring way back when i was young (i turned 40 this month). O the thought of opening the windows and at least wanting to clean the house, sitting outside with a cool drink in the shade, cos it's so warm (not cos i have lupus)...dreams can come true, ok so maybe winning the lottery won't be one of them, but summer...yes please :)


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