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Access to Work

I just thought I would write this blog for anyone else who works

No not access of getting into work, but of having the access to work people (run through the job centre) comining into my work place to do an assesment on my work staion. with a view to finding solutions as to what equipment / software could be installed to make my job eaier ,

This all came about after I was off work for 4 weeks during April / May with exhaustion / flare ups, and at the back to work meeting I mentioned this to my employers, who are happy to support me and are being very understanding, So I have completed the application form which was done over the phone. then yesterday had another call to go over the form in alot more detail, being asked about how the Lupus effects me and what its like on good and bad days, and how it can effect my work, which as its PC based, and all full time.

So after a report has been passed on to the assesors, they will come in and spend time with me while I work, then with the company involvement we discuss what options could be put in place, the advisor I was talking to yesterday, was saying that there were plenty of ergonomic keyboards / mouse and even systems that can be controlled verbally without having to use a mouse.

So will see what happens in the next couple of months. but will keep you all posted

So if anyone else works and you talk to your employers, and they are in agreement with contacting Access to work, then they might be help make work easier you.

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Hi lupydragon

I just wanted to reiterate what you've said. I had similar experience...after a flare 2 yrs ago my employer actually suggested that we assess what could be done to help me and paid for Occ Health consultant to come in from JR in Oxford. Out of that they have arranged for me to have a flexible arrangement where I work hours according to how well I am and allow me to work from home on days I feel able to work but not able to leave house amongst many other things. Eveyone benefits.....I get to keep my job, which I love, without fear of being laid off through illness (as has happened in ALL previous jobs) and my employers get my expertise (when my brain is less foggy!).

So talk to your employers....they may surprise you!!!


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