It is always worth Appealing ESA!

Dear All

Just thought I'd let you know that it is always worth appealing your ESA decision because you could find out as I did that they made a clerical error in the first instance and should have put you in the Support Group all along - no need for me to appeal now!!! Had it not been for my appeal of the original decision I would never have found out - pretty outrageous really but I did get an apology. There seem to be plenty of decisions going to appeal at the moment and for good reason. If you are one of them - Good Luck!


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  • I think they pretty much always turn down first applications, hoping you wont bother to appeal, I am in same position, hope it goes well for me too. Pretty outrageous though that we have to go through this sort of stress, just to get what we are entitled to.

  • I totally agree Sue, especially as they are aware that stress exacerbates our condition and there are many others like us. Good luck with your appeal.


  • Apparently if you have to go to tribunal if you go in person twice as likely to get the award than on paper.

  • I am sorry for my rant but

    I went to the tribunal in April and won i felt a massive wieght had been lifted after it hanging over our heads for 6 months, during that time i didnt receive any monies because i looked at the gov web site and it didnt say anything so we lived of our overdraft waiting..... long story short i rang a week after the tribunal to see about monies they said ring in a month if we havent had anything. So month later nothing it took 8 phone calls and until mid June to get any money and it turns out they back dated it to 2 years ago when they stuffed it up until may when i had got to my 365 days on ESA. So it is 100% worth doing the tribunal because they then review your case and settle all monies as always its confusing as hell and you never know you might get more than you expected.... we did, and it helps to go to some of the stress they put you under when you have enough to deal with....

    Good luck to all going through this madness


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