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Hi there. Does anyone have fine, transparent, sticky, unbreakable strands that come from eyes, down face into mouth/throat/lungs. Bad cough!

This stuff (i'm imagining it, you know!) Doesn't wash off properly. Thinking about trying a brillo pad!!! It gets up your nose, into your mouth (feels like you have a mouthful of hair) down into the stomach and lungs. It's caused a terrible cough. Waiting an appointment at Opthamology dept at hospital at end of july. Anyone got any experience of this? My optician saw it with magnifying glass, says it's something to do with tear ducting and lupus. Well surprise surprise! Help, can't wash it off and makes me feel dirty. Any suggestions with something that will dissolve it?

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Hi jayniey

My father suffers from this and recently the opticians stated what it was, unfortunately it was a complicated name so I couldn't remember (it sounded like bluffendens syndrome) it but it is in the syndrome connected with dry eye. It seems odd that sticky substances could be deemed as dry.

Does your sometimes dry and become difficult to remove? It was suggested that he used artificial tears or a hot cloth over his eyes twice a day.

Yours may not be the same but hope this helps. It does show some reasoning behind my dry eye and Lupus.

Yours Jean


Sjogren's Syndrome?


Try using re-wetting drops (like for contact lens users) - preservative free is what i use. Then see what the doctor can prescribe for you. I use Celluvisc 1% at night and .5% during the day and also Hypo-Tears during the day and these don't give me any residue which is nice.


There are also individual pads you can get from the Pharmacist for cleaning the outside of the eye. These may also be given on Rx. Alternatively use sterile water on a non-fibrous cotton pad. One wipe and throw away for best hygiene.


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