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back at the quaks

another chest infection and another pee infection again i seem ill all the time get no answers nobody seems to no nothing when i ask questions feel alone down and also devoloped paranio which is not fair on my husband never suffered with this and its another burden why doesnt the proffesanal people no much about this condition as anyone tried camaflage makeup my complextion is horrible anyone from derby on her

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sorry to here you are ill,im having the same trouble with my doctor and consultants,they are phoneing each other saying different things to me what they said yesterday and the day before and to each other,got so upset over it i havnt stopped crying since weekend,i find it hard to trust doctors as they left me for 12 years of me going and telling them im ill,even bloods showed abnormal readings,until lupus got my kidneys,im not from derby im leeds but do have family down there,lovely part of country,hope you feel better soon x


i dont know if i even trust doctors anymore. they are alright if you need a script for a cold etc but not much good for chronic illnesses.

finally got a diagnosis for lupus sle and my gp does not believe my rheumatologist who is a specialist doctor at my hospital. cannot believe the arrogance of some gp's to be honest!

not suprised if anyone is having problems with them.


I'm sorry you're going thru so much! I can relate - I had kidney infections which lasted for months at a time. Every time I stopped taking the antibiotics, the infection would come back. I was sent to all kinds of specialists - urologist, infectious disease doc, etc. - but nobody could fix the problem. Finally my primary care doc put me on strong antibiotics for 3 full months! It fixed the problem. But, a few years later, I got a sinus infection that wouldn't go away and had to be on antibiotics for 3 months again to get rid of it. I found that my immunity went way down every month when I got my period. Since I was also taking prednisone and other meds that also suppressed my immunity, there was no way I could fight off infections. I hope you can find a doctor who can help you. And please know that there are people on here who really understand what you're going thru!! I use Bare Minerals makeup. It really covers up my lupus rash on my face, but it's very gentle to my skin. My teenage daughter also uses it. It really covers any pimples she gets. Hope this helps! Stay strong!


Hi Sorry to here you are so ill,

i am from derby(South derbyshire) but have moved to manchester. I understand about being isolated and how lupus makes you feel i was mis diagnosed for many years and it was a relief when a consultant picked up on my condtion after numerous blood tests. I found i was a lot better when prescribed plaqinol it seemed to level my rashes out and felt better in myself. now i have moved the process of monitering lupus has begun again so it just proves that too little is known about lupus compared to the States. Queens medical hospital at burton were good for me and gave me lots of info on Lupus. check the websites for st thomas's in london i found this helpfull when first diagnoised. have a great day


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