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Where do i go ??? :-(

Hello All... Thank you for all your support a few weeks ago when i was wondering what the point of it all was. The support was amazing and i am truly grateful. So Thank you and a delicate hug for you all...

I have just been put back on hydro and feeling as sick as anything... My inflammation levels are horrendous ( should be 23 and are 78 ) I am also suffering with a chronic pain in my right side of my lower back and wondering if this could be my kidneys??? A little short of breath at times but nothing major?? The bad pain in my back is really hurting me... Making an appointment to see my GP seems to be a waste of time so where should i go?? xxx

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Hi rebecca, sounds like you are having a nightmare! are you under a consultant at a hospital? i know my GP knows nothing about lupus, and the hydro tablets...ive now given up asking them anything about lupus and go straight to my consultant and lupus specialist nurse at the hospital. i hope it gets better for you x


My doctor rang me back (( shocked )) and told me to stop taking the Hydro immediately. Have to go for a blood test at 10.20 tomorrow then to see the GP. Gosh knows what for because he has to look in a book every time i ask him a question. I know its not his fault but i get so frustrated. I have taken co codamol to try and ease this back pain and have a hot water bottle but its killing me. I saw my consultant only last week who took 7 bottles of blood from me. I had to call in sick for work on Sunday night ( first ever time ) because i just could not deal with it all.... Thank you Lindsay xxx Love and gentle hugs xxx


The blood work taken should identify the region of your problem. Good that you are being seen to.

Yes, it could be kidney involvement - ex: you could be clearing a kidney stone.

It could be an assortment of other things as well.

Best to stay hydrated what ever the problem. Lemon water is quite therapeutic.

I hope you have answers and solutions soon. Take care.


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