World Lupus Day

World Lupus Day

Tomorrow (May 10th) is World Lupus Day. Lupus groups and organisations from around the world will be working together to help spread awareness and understanding of the condition.

We would like to ask you for your help in spreading the word. There are many very simple ways that you can help. Here are a few;

•At 12.30pm email or text the following message to 10 people you know do NOT have lupus;

“Today is World Lupus Day. Please forward this message to 10 more people and help spread the message throughout the world. Thank you. - LUPUS UK Reg. Charity Nos. 1051610, SC039682

•Print this poster - and put it up in your workplace, doctors surgery or local community centre.

•Change your Facebook profile picture to a butterfly and add in the caption below;

“My picture is a butterfly to show support for the 5 million lupus patients throughout the world. You can learn more about lupus by going to

•We’ll be posting facts about lupus on our Facebook page throughout the day. You can help by sharing them.

•We’ll also be on Twitter and you help by Re-Tweeting and using tag #WorldLupusDay in your tweets.

Let us know if you do any of the following, or anything else. We appreciate all the support we can get. Please help us to make this World Lupus Day the biggest ever!

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Hi Paul. I did change my Facebook picture to that of a butterfly and shared your message about World Lupus Day and your link. I do share facts about lupus with others and encourage them to also share with others. I also wore purple along with others and we posted pics individually of ourselves in support and unity for those with lupus on Facebook. We did these things to help raise awareness about this disease that most people know nothing about. Every little bit helps. Your interest and help in spreading awareness about lupus

is very much appreciated. Thanks!


Thank you so much for your support Mollydolly. It sounds like you were very active in spreading awareness.


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