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Lupus Awareness Project

Hello all!

I am currently starting a project to raise awareness and to raise money which will be donated to Lupus UK.

What I am looking for is people, you lovely people, to email me your positive messages, memories about your experience with living with Lupus, or your experience with your friends/family members who have been diagnosed.

I want this book to be a go to for those who are having a bad day with Lupus - for you to read the positive comments and to hopefully make your day a bit better.

Here is the post about the project which I blogged about the other week;

'Last year, someone who I love dearly was diagnosed with Lupus. She has had a tough year but being the brave and beautiful person she is, she has stayed strong and is dealing with the disease incredibly well.

Dedicated to her, my hero, those whose lives have also been touched by Lupus and to raise awareness about the disease, I will be creating a set of journals marked with a butterfly (an international symbol for Lupus). The journal will be interspersed with messages and memories of those who are living with Lupus and those who have friends/family touched by the disease.

Money made from sales of the books will be donated to Lupus UK, an exceptional charity who support those who have been diagnosed and those who are approaching diagnosis. Please do have a look on their website at the amazing work they do: '

If you are interested in sending me something please contact me:

If you would prefer to have an anonymous comment in the journal, no problem, please state in your email.

Stephanie xo

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My gorgeous, caring sister guys, please send her your comments :) x


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