swelling and rash

I work in a farmshop full time making cakes and the lunches in the cafe end of the farmshop, so am on my feet all day 5 to 6 days a week. I have ben suffering from very badly swollen feet, legs, hands, face and body, usually starts about 2 hours after I go into work, by the end of the day I can hardly bend my legs for the swelling, a few times over the past couple months I havebeeen developing a rash on my lower legs which is very simlar to the rash on my face, is this 'normal', I hate going to seethe Dr and ringing the lupus help line as I dont want to be a nuisance.

Last night I suggested to my boss she either sacs me or reduces my hours down to 3 days as I am not coping with the pain/discomfort/fatigue of day to day working so waiting to hear from her on that score, so far she has been really nice, but we will see.

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I can appreciate how you are feeling, I have had to give up my job as a staff nurse because of being on my feet all day, I think unfortunately, if you want to keep on working you may have to find a job where you spend some time sitting. You need to see doctor to make sure you are not risking DVT or similar in your legs.


Hi Sue lupus is a disability so you have legal rights for employer to adapt workplace to support you try googling disability rights x

Are you allergic to washing up liquid? Are you taking photos to show Gp & for your record so you might be able to spot a pattern?

Good luck x


thank you both for your comments, I indeed am taking photos on my mobile also printing hem off so i can show Dr's what's going on cause as I am sure we all have same problem in when you get an appointment you never have what ever to show them. I used to have a sit down job answering 999 calls until 2 years ago when i had to leave due to ill health and legs swelling, the employer Dr/advisor said he didn't think there was a job I could safely do, but the DHSS refused to give me any benefits even after doing an assessment and saying yes we can see your in constant pain, they even had all the letters from the police emplyer Dr and the hospital, I was told to appeal but didn't know how and just gave up which I guess most of us do.


Have your tried COMPRESSION SOCKS (either knee high or above knee)?


Very useful and effective to help lessen and or prevent edema / excess fluid build up.

All gear must fit properly to gain best possible benefit.

I have used SKINS, 2XU, and RedVenom brands with equivalent good results.

Do you use Florinef / Fludrocortisone Rx? If yes, likely the dose needs to be lowered.

Do you use Prednisone / Corticosteroid Rx? If yes, likely the dose needs to be increased.

Best to consult your doctor/s as this is treatable with dose manipulation.

This is no different than a diabetic patient needing to up their insulin dose one day and drop their insulin dose the next.

Autoimmune symptoms CHANGE. Sometimes the Rx doses need to change with the symptoms.

You have a right for proper medical care. Demand it.

You are NOT a nuisance if you have a real problem ... and you have a real problem.

Limiting salt intake can help minimize edema (best to confirm with your doctor/s if limiting salt is in your best interest).

Arnica gel (over the counter) can reduce redness and swelling to some extent.

Cool water compress can be comforting. Be careful to not over chill.

You are in flare up and require relief. You DESERVE relief. You DO NOT deserve to be pushed aside with "this is normal".

Yes ... it is one of the common symptoms of lupus... No ... it is not 'normal' it is a lupus flare up that requires attention.

Please take care.


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