first visit to kidney specialist,what to ask?

Hi there,my daughter is due her first visit to the nephrologist next week,she suffers from severe water retention,which is not quite controlled by diuretics,her heart specialist changed her tablets for retention and wanted het seen by the kidney specialist.she has scarring on the kidneys and I just really wanted any input as to what she may expect,also what questions it may be worth asking about lupus kidney disease.Any input would be great!

Thanks, Sandy

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My kidney stones were diagnosed after seeing heart specialist about speeding heart rate and palpitations. Although he took me off some of my tablets - a diuretic and a beta blocker for migraine - and the symptoms improved he also asked for me to be seen by a kidney specialist.

At the time I thought it was really strange but he explained that it has been found that people with lupus has a higher chance of kidney stones (calcium deposits) although not truly proven why.

Protien in urine is the first sign that the kidneys are not 'flushing' properly but this can be caused by any number of things.

After a basic kidney scan (which showed kidney stones which I had taken out last November and this January) the radioligist told me I could ask for an MRI and this would give a more in depth view of the kidneys. (I go for mine the end of this month) so why not ask for that if you feel you are not getting the full picture explained to you? Also have you had a 24 hr urine collection done? This is also helpful in seeing how well the kidneys are functioning.

I am lucky that the renal consultant is very good at listening and explaining and I hope you find that yours is too. :-)

Hope this has helped - good luck - Irene x


Hi Irene,thank you for your help,I hope you get some answers from your m.r.i ,my daughter saw her renal consultant for the first time yesterday and she said he seemed really good,he is arranging for her to have biopsies from different parts of her body as he feels she may also have a severe form of vasculitis. Sandy


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