Feeling bad

Well still no let up in the stomach issues am now waiting callback from my Dr as it seems to be getting worse, and I am more and more drained.

I am also worried about my dog, we had him castrated yesterday and he is really not himself and is very quiet and subdued to the point of barely eating and drinking he is sleeping lots as well.

Really worried about the feeling rough though as this was how I got last major flare up, am E & D normally though so that is a bonus from last time

ESA Medical tomorrow and I look horrendous but I know if I go in there looking good I will fail.. But I hate leaving the house looking a state ;( and it is so not how I usually am,

Grr I hate Lupus

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good luck with the medical, know you dont like leaving house when feeling grot , but for the medical it can only help with your claim, at least they'll see how bad thing can get. As for your dog he's entitled to be a bit down, after all wouldn't you be ! he is probabley just showing his displeasure with you,


Wishing you good luck with your medical tomorrow. Go as you are so that they see you are ill-remember they do not know how you look normally. I am waiting for a date for mine and certainly will not put all my make up on to try and look good! I don't think it gets us anywhere and we have enough battles. I am sure your dog will brighten up-if you are worried ring your vet. Hope you feel better soon.


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