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Can I ask for my blood results?

Hi everyone, first of all I hope you are all keeping well and taking care of yourselves.

I am due to see the rheumy tomorrow and as usual am dreading it as I feel he is very flippant with me! He never gives me my blood test results and I wonder can I ask him for them? I am in and out of his room so quickly ,he has a quick look at my joints and that's about it. Symptoms are usually put down to my mess even though the majority have been with me for years!

I so wish my old rheumy, wonderful Dr Maloy was still with me :(

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Whoops I meant MEDS !! :)


Of course you can ask Tich. I have learnt that you have to take control of the situation, some doctors are flippant but you have to be assertive, just make an apointment and air your concerns, some doctors act like they are doing you a favour! the cheek. Please just go and see him and tell him how you feel and that you wish to discuss your results.

All the best Tich! x


Yes, definitely ask him. It is so important that we all have as much information as possible. As well as actually getting the blood test results, you may want to ask what they mean so as to make sense of them.

A consultation with a doctor is best if there is two way communication so that you can set up some sort of rapport together and get to know each other a bit. But doctors are always pressured by work load so we do have to be assertive - remember how much money a consultant is paid by the taxpayers. We are entitled to expect to feel satisfied when we leave their room.

Good luck.


I asked for a print out last time and I'm glad I did.

You can even request to see *all* your files/results/notes at the doctors if you want thanks to the Data Protection Act. You have a right to see any information kept on a database about you. They can charge you a small admin fee for photocopies but they have to show you. So you could track how your blood results have changed if you really feel they're not paying attention!



i always take my notebook and pen with questions i want to ask then i ask what every result is and i know by now after a year what the normal readings are,this is your body and your health you have a right to know,good luck x


hi tich

its such a shame that you are dreading meeting your rhuemy as these app are so important ,im very fortunate that my rhuemy takes his time and because of this is always running behind with his appointments (usually an hour)so i have learnt to get if i can the first morning appointment.

on our last chat he even turned the computer screen around for me to look at,as i was asking so many questions which i had written down.

i admit when i sat down he had to read my notes for 5mins before we talked which was a little frustrating but its so important to get all your worries across and i do find that difficult at times, so i usually ask someone to come with me and if my husband comes he always comes in to and also asked questions .

maybe you could take someone too for support.

but its very important to know what has improved or got worse or just stayed the same its peace of mind.

hope everything goes well

debbie xx



They are your test results. Always best to maintain your own records.

If they absolutely will not provide a copy to you (cost of paper? / inadequate front office staff? / what ever the excuse because it is an excuse) take an iPhone/smartphone photo of it (it prints out great).

If you require support bring your hubby or wife or adult child or friend to assist you in your request (which should be a given automatic here is your copy of your test results).

Perhaps it is time you find a new Doctor (because that is BS nonsense). Interview them. Find one who is willing to play a role in your health path. I know it is a bother but it is your life - your well being. We as patients must make the best choices for ourselves.

Please take care.


Thank you all so much for the advice.

I saw him today and he has changed my pain meds, took blood and sent me for X-rays on my pelvis . I was in and out in ten minutes and As my husband is away with work I went in on my own. I am embarrassed to say I did not have the courage to ask where he makes me feel foolish. However he wants to see me in three months and I will take hubby and make sure I get them.

I am now going to put my feet up and try and relax a while . Take care all and thanks again


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