lower back pain

hi guys n girls, i am just wonderin if any body has the same symptoms as me, i have lupus the last 10 years usually i can stick it but over the couple of months the lower pain in my spine and its sore when passing urine is doing me in head in!! i have been in a bad mood everyday wiv it and its makin me weepy all the time, i am fed up wiv gettin urine tests done and blood tests they have come back clear


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4 Replies

  • I wonder whether it could be a muscular thing. I had terrible lower back pain towards my hip and the GP gave me an exercise sheet. I carried these out although at first the pain was excruciating but, do you know, it cleared up the pain after a while. I still have to watch my posture and do some of the exercises but it is so much better.

  • I had a lot of back pain and same again all my urine tests keep coming back clear,my gp sent me for physio and that seemed to help but it just seems to keep coming back.

  • i am wonderin if its inflamation in the spine its really painful hope 2 get answers soon, hope ur back on the mend

  • I have lower back pain due to getting old! I had an epidural for the pain, and have since controlled it well with pilates (from the physios); I have gradually increased my walking, which has really helped (including feeling down). Hope you get it sorted soon.

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