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Mild "pulse" like feeling through my limbs??????

Hi Having a flare at the moment, joints aching and that horrible feeling of complete exhustion. I have noticed that when lying down I have a strange sensation of what I can only explain as a mild electrical pulse coursing round my limbs, it is not in itself painful almost like a tingling sensation? when I was first diagnosed I did have very violent flares where I was unable to move without being in agony, but for shorter periods of time- 3 or 4 hrs, now my meds have been sorted out I have milder flares but they last longer perhaps 7 days. Has anyone experienced this pattern?

Hope your all feeling well.


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Hi there, I don't have as many flares as I used to but I do get them randomly. I find I get pain in my ring finger or the tips of my hands before I flare up! At the moment it's migraines and exhaustion. I feel really worn out sometimes finding it hard to lift my head up. I hope you feel better soon, be strong, this illness is so unfair but you know when I feel like crying I think if people who are worse off than we are and just get on with it. Chin up my lovely, a positive attitude is a must with lupus, a positive state of mind is very important. Be strong but when you are hurting or are extremely tired do as your body asks and relax, I find that when I am in pain I am all tensed up, so I light a scented candle, run a hot bath and lie in it to relax mind and body, it doesn't take away the pain but it soothes it. Hang in there. Xxx


Hi, I was only diagnosed with Lupus last June and still coming to terms with all the various different types of flare ups. And yes I know what that pulse feeling is, I thought I was imagining it, but its definatly there, on its own or with a flare up. Still tring to get my meds sorted ouy,and from begining of Jan to end of March had 37 flare ups, 19 of which were very servere, Have been signed off work for 2 weeks and just been signed of for another 2, mainly due to the extreme tiredness and exhaustion but also to the flare ups, Keep trying to fight it, but learning that I cant always, I describe it to friends that I think of it as having a wolf pack that attacks when and where they want to, Just wish I could give them a whack on the nose with a rolled up newspaper, (after all Lupus is latin for wolf !!!!) Big learning curve, and know going to have good and bad days, glad I have found this site, as now know that what I have been going through is the same foe everyone with Lupus



Well for the last couple of days had this feeling of a pulse and honestly thought it was to do with my mobile phone in pocket, that is the only way I can describe it, when a message comes through, a really strange feeling. Feeling so tired. Could drop off now typing this, but I have to be strict and say to myself "no " and then I find things to do.


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