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Can anyone pls share experience with dandruff treatment?

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I have been diagnosed with lupus SLE for almost 8 years and it flare many times and now it’s finally in remission. However, my hair is still falling a lot and my scalp is itchy and dandruff. I try using oil to apply once and other DIY but still dandruff didn’t go away. I would really appreciate if someone has similar issues share the experience how to cure this.

Thanks heaps!

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My hubby suffers with excessive dandruff and has psoriasis on his forehead, we have been treating with The Body Shop ginger shampoo and conditioner and it is a lot, lot better, give it a try maybe xx

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Chris21 in reply to Poshcards

I use this too as well as the ginger serum and alternate it with the Shea shampoo/conditioner. Have found the Shea soothes the scalp when sore and the ginger helps the flakiness. (I also have psoriasis on the scalp)

Hello Kim. First you need to understand what dandruff is: it is a yeast/fungus. Same thing newborn babies get on their scalp called cradlecap. Yeast likes oil. It grows worse. No oil. No conditioner right now. Here are several options for shampoos that will help. These should all be available on Amazon. Mustella baby shampoo very mild should use every day or other day. Nizoral

Shampoo for adults. Very good. Head and shoulders original. No conditioner in it with oils. Selsun Blue for adults. I’m fond of nizoral. I get dandruff very rarely now. As your scalp heals, you will comb it and see massive amount of flaking. It is a good thing. The yeast is dying. Make sure to leave each shampoo on your scalp for 3-5 min. Rinse with cold water. If the shampoo stings, aloe Vera is great soother for scalp

And a conditioner with no oil that feeds the yeast ! As a reminder in case you don’t know, yeast anywhere on the body needs sugar to grow. Great reason to not indulge or just rarely. Best, Titters

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AimeeA in reply to Titters

I agree with everything you say except the selsun blue whose active ingredient is selenium sulfide. People with lupus often have allergies and sensitivity to anything with sulfur, sulfides or sulfites.

I stick to salicylic acid and ketoconazole as active ingredients as in nizoral Those take care of inflammation and yeast with less chance of a reaction since selsun blue has multiple sulfur based chemicals in it.

It's hard to avoid sulfur entirely as it is in a lot of products, but I try to reduce it.

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Kim_21 in reply to Titters

Hi Titters, thank you for your advise and tips…. Will try one of those. Just wondering if you have tips for regrowing hair as well that you can share? My baby hair that just sprouting, keep falling out, I feel so hopeless every days as I don’t know what can I do to get it back. Dermatologist doesn’t seem to help beside saying it will come back, but it’s a year now and I’m worried if it returns or not.Thanks in advance

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Titters in reply to Kim_21

Kim, I have SLE as well as other AI conditions. My advice to you is the same: using a good shampoo ( marketed) as dandruff to help get rid of the yeast/fungus. It’s not unusual for a shampoo to stop working as the yeast has a brain and can get used to a treatment and off it goes again bring all scalp issues back. One of the best baby shampoos mustella brand (French) used to have the ingredient climbazole in it but here in the States, they took it out. I’d be curious if you could find it with that anti fungal. It was fantastic and worked very gently as made for babies. Hair grows back for so many people after treating the scalp to rid of yeast. Here is one more treatment I just remembered: Manuka honey on your scalp. Buy on Amazon. Take a glob of manuka honey and rub into scalp while hair is dry. Really rub it in. It’s sticky and messy but you will love the results. Leave on 10 minutes 2 times a week. Rinse with lukewarm water in shower. It may feel as though you can’t get it all out. Your hair and scalp is now clean and your hair is beautifully conditioned. Manuka honey is not just tasty. It is truly medicinal. Do not forget this. Use a hat always as the honey treatment leaves your scalp open to serious sunburn. Google Manuka honey and dandruff/ yeast and you will get more information. Again, as you comb your hair, try to do it over a black cloth so you can see the white yeast fall away. Hair grows back after the inflammation from the yeast is gone. Cheers! Titters

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Kim_21 in reply to Titters

Hi Titters, with nizoral, you reckon how long I can see the result? I bought nizoral 2% yesterday and started using it, a bit dry.

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Titters in reply to Kim_21

Kim I think you should see a result of shedding flakes after 2 washes. As far as healing hair follicles that takes time. I condition my hair with Manuka honey or aloe. Yes all medicated shampoos are drying I think. Mostly it’s your scalp you are treating. Follow directions on bottle. Don’t overuse it thinking you will get the results you want faster. Be patient 😻Titters

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Kim_21 in reply to Titters

Sure will do, 2 times per week as directed. Thanks Titters, u r my life saver 🙏

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KnitSewPurl in reply to Titters

my hubby has even tried Nizoral with his hair . it worked initial then it revert back to being psoriasis again .

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Titters in reply to KnitSewPurl

Yes unfortunately these conditions become used to the treatment shampoo and they no longer are effective. For me what has always been effective is posted below: Manuka honey. Mind you I do not have psoriasis. But years ago before my diagnosis of lupus I had a very inflamed scalp with plaques due to dermatitis/yeast and the shampoos I listed worked as well as the Manuka honey. Anything with salicylic acid aggravated my condition but for some it apparently works. Best, Titters

Oil can make it worse. Dryness is not the problem, inflammation and formation of plaques is. You can also get secondary yeast/fungal/bacterial infections from this, especially from oil based shampoos or conditioners. Yeast/fungus/bacteria love a moist oily environment.

You need a shampoo that has salicylic acid in it to reduce inflammation. They're often labelled as being for Psoriasis, but read the label to make sure the active ingredient is salicylic acid. Coal tar is also used for Psoriasis, but that doesn't work as well for me and I don't like the smell of coal tar.

Also, once a week shampoo with an antifungal shampoo like anti-dandruff Nizoral with ketoconazole. Nizoral also makes a Nizoral Psoriasis shampoo and I use both.

There are other brands but you must look for those active ingredients for it to help the scalp inflammation that causes your scalp to itch/hurt and hair to fall out.

Go easy on oily conditioners and rinse your hair well. Try to keep any conditioner on the hair itself and not on your scalp. I only condition the bottom half of my hair to keep the oil or grease off my scalp.

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Titters in reply to AimeeA

Yes. I’m sulphur sensitive and have that in my medical chart. But for some reason I can use that shampoo. Great tips! Thx Titters

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Kim_21 in reply to AimeeA

Thanks AimeeA for the great tips!

it is not dandruff it is psoriasis Plus lupus spots /lesion at the same time for me.For some lupus sufferers do get them on their head . I get them when I have a bad flare up and my hair falls out massively I get those lesions and psoriasis at the same time. only shampoo that works is one with no sulfate.We tried a few no sulfate shampoos the only one that works is OGX so far seem to work really well . I use coconut and their black bottle cannot remember off hand I don't get any psoriasis on a non flare up only when I flare up badly . So this shampoo helps a lot . Even my hubby uses it for his hair as he used to suffer with psoriasis a lot and don't now.give it a try .

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