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a question for the girls

dose anyone have very painful periods, mine are reducing me to tears. the pain gets stronger when opening my bowels during my monthly. i also go through spells of bleeding between my periods or bleeding for two weeks, then off for two then back on. does any of this sound familiar to you? is this anything to do with lupus. before i was dx i had fertility problems and reacurrent loss, and now having these monthly problems. could there be a lupus link?

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Hi Nerri

This is my first posting, but your question hit the spot. Since being dx four years ago with Lupus, and APS amongst other things I've spent a lot of time linking symptoms from way back and yes, I think your problems could be related.

As a young woman I had terrible period probs. and had all sorts of treatments and ops to help - nothing did. Also had fertility probs. and never carried full term and now, many years later I'm told I have antiphospholipid syndrome. So whilst I've not been dx long I think I've had lupus for years.

I don't think you should be bleeding mid period and it shouldn't be so painful when you go to the loo, so get it checked out. I know it's one more thing to have to see the Dr about, but it's worth it.

I think you're very brave telling it how it is - it's the only way!

good luck




Hi Nerri

I thought i was the only one with these problems, i`ve been experencie the same problems since long time ago, and my monthy period is just crazy, eg: i`ve had my perid in the midle of the month for 3 or 4 days, after that it stopperd, then one week later bledding again.

On the top of that i`ve been having dryness in my vagina very bad, the GP had sent me to the hospital to see the gynicologist, and they didnt find nothing, just fibroides in my womb, i have had smear test quite a lot, but nothing, still the same, also i`ve been having bacterial vaginossis they have been sending me medicines, but it goes and comes.

The GP told me probably is my lupus,

but so far i dont know what it is.

And these dryness happens before my periodo and after my period.


Hi Nerri! :)

I started having very painful and heavy periods when I was 10 and had it all the way until I was 17 last August that would be crazy and all over the place constantly! Although it isn't officially linked - I guess it is - I never knew anyone else had these problems!!! Just thought it was my body being stupid and annoying (very much like lupus is). I went to the docotrs to go on the pill to reduce this when I was 15 - and they detected lupus in my blood results then - and I wasn't diagnosed until 3 years later.

The best way to reduce this I've found is by having the implant put in. It's amazing! I haven't had any bleeding (apart from 1 or 2 days twice since I've had it put in since last August) and no pain what so ever. I still get stomach cramps, however they are no where near as bad and are extremely irregular!

I hope this helps!!!! xx


thanks lovely girlies for your help and advice, im glad that i am not alone with this problem. i have tried the pill but i bleed constantly when taking it. as for the implant i have not tried it as i seem to react to whatever medication i try and take so i am a little worried having something semi perminant fitted. i was refered to gyne last year but i was to ill to make my appointment. my husband had to phone and rebook a further two times, but by this point the hospital said they could no longer provide me with another date and struck me off their list. i couldnt help that i was in a really bad flare and was bed bound for 4 months but still took me off the waiting list. its sad isnt it when people dont understand how bad things get and we are unable to keep appointment dates.

i have tested negative for APS, but it was found that i have sticky blood. so as soon as i became pregnant i had to take 150mg of asprin daily untlll 32 weeks gestation.

i also have fibroides, but these were only small, however the scan was five years ago.

anyway, thanks again for your replies, especially given it such a personal question.

i hope you are all having a good day

love and smiles



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