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Covid booster jabs.

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I have a patient access community group at my GPs and although I'm a member, due to work commitments, was never able to attend them. Now I have flexible working days, I asked to be included to attend and the dates of next meeting.

I noticed that the chair also sent me some information regarding a covid vaccine booster for September 2021. I've had both original jabs, but I am hesitant on this booster for 2 reasons.

1. I am concerned that a 3rd jab is being rolled out before people have had their first. Can those with no jabs not spread and contract the virus anymore and have become superhuman? The whole point of the vaccine was that everyone where possible was supposed to have it to help stop the pandemic.

2. Autumn is also flu jab season and I would like to see more studies or data of reactions to people having both booster and flu jab, particularly the vulnerable autoimmune folk, close together or potentially on the same day for convenience!

Has anyone else been sent information on this or been contacted that they need to be booked in for a booster yet?

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I think there is evidence that led to the conclusion that giving boosters to CEV adults was very much worth doing so. Younger or healthier adults who have not had their first 2 jabs are generally people who have rejected the opportunity.

If those jabs haven't been given to people - then they can't gather evidence as to what reactions may be.

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I see what you saying but I feel the 'do as you asked' people (vulnerable and old) are getting leaned on a bit too much by fear, just because the 'do what I want' refuse to have the jab. Yet these are the people who are serving in the bars, shops going to mass events can't avoid them, because they're everywhere, so it just makes the whole exercise pointless if the vaccinated aren't greater than the unvaccinated in the end.

I doubt the old ( my mum is 89) and the cev (I'm immunocompromised) are going to mass events etc. I'm not going to bars or shops I'm still unofficially shielding.Nearly 80% are fully vaccinated so the vaccinated are greater then the unvaccinated !

Personally I count anything more than a few people at the next table to me outside on the patio at the pizzeria as a mass event!!! Mask if I'm likely to be close to anyone (blasted tourists who can't recognise a metre or count to 4 for shops...) Our locals are almost all wearing masks.

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maggielee in reply to PMRpro

😃😂 that did make me smile, just how I felt the 1 time in 21 months going in a restaurant & being told I don't have to wear a mask as no were....sticking to masks & crowd control...of

Hi Sorry. It was referring to the younger generation who would say they don't need the jab category. May have worded it wrong.🙂

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KayHimm in reply to awareness75

The way I heard this problem explained is the risk of not offering a third shot in the immunocompromised is too high and the likelihood of a problem too low. I live in the US where it is already being offered.

There is a big concern about certain patients, particularly the transplant patients and organ rejection, but people are advised to talk to their doctors.

There is not adequate time to do proper studies during a pandemic. The experts work with the information they have. Immunocompromised patients comprised half of the break through infections in hospitals. I leave it to the experts to decide this is too high.

It is unfortunate that the unvaccinated are putting others at risk, though the immunocompromised may have been a problem anyway.


Boosters haven't been given the go ahead yet.....This today's news article

Covid-19 booster jabs could be offered to the UK’s most vulnerable next week.

NHS leaders have plans in place to offer a third jab to at least 30 million over-50s and clinically vulnerable people but are yet to get a green light from government advisers.

A decision will be made by experts on the Joint Committee on Vaccination (JCVI) and Immunisation, with Monday touted as a potential start date for the programme.

The point is also to prevent those most at risk becoming seriously ill and potentially putting more pressure on services at the same time as the flu season.

I've got my flu vaccine booked and will book my booster as soon as I am able to.

I'm just a bit weary of having two main jabs at once or around the same time. Never been done before and don't like being the guinea pig as it were, to first have it. Not had any contact with my rheumatology team for ages, so would be interested in what findings or advice if any, they have on it.

I haven't heard from mine since last Nov and there are no appointments 6 months.there are several vaccines given at the same time inc mumps measles and rubella ,polio and Dtap

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PMRpro in reply to awareness75

Some in the USA on our forum have had boosters - and were told it would be separate to the flu jab.

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Sara_A in reply to awareness75

Like the others say dont have them together if u aren't comfortable to but we give many vaccines together at the same time even in babies at 8 wks of age!! There is actually no limit to the number of vaccines u can give at the same time. These vaccines are not live vaccines. They have all been tested and they wouldn't give them together to the entire world if there was any doubt about it. These people know what they are doing and we need to put our trust in them. But as I say u have the right to have urs at separate intervals. We give 2 live vaccines at the same time such as MMR and yellow fever (not in immunosuppressed patients I must add!)

It is a scary time and we all have to make informed educated decisions on the information that we have.

The rheumatologist will only be able to give us the same information and let us make our own decision from there they cannot tell us whether to have something or not

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awareness75 in reply to Sara_A

I can appreciate vaccines can be taken at the same time, but most are probably older than most of us and had a lot of wear in, tried and tested.With respect, this isn’t the same thing, as we all know. We don't know who we're the first 100to get the smallpox or TB vaccines, nor the outcomes of each one. There's nothing wrong with being cautious especially if you already have a compromised health.

What would give me more confidence if there was medical staff operating more like they were before the covid!

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Sara_A in reply to awareness75

Sorry what's that supposed to mean regarding medical staff??

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awareness75 in reply to Sara_A

GPs are hard to get an appointment in my area. Can only speak for my own.

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Sara_A in reply to awareness75

I see.The reason that gp surgeries aren't operating as they were prior to covid is to keep patients and medical staff safe as there are still quite a lot of cases of covid amongst the community despite what the general public think. Most things can actually be dealt with by a telephone consultation and if not then the clinician will make the patient an appointment to come into surgery on their assessment if they deem it necessary for the safety of the patients and staff.

There cannot be a waiting room full of patients as there previously was it's just not feasible at present and I'm pretty sure none of us would want to sit in it.

If your not sure about having both jabs together then don’t. Just separate them by a few weeks. That’s what I intend doing. My flu jab is next week and as I had the Pfizer jab for the first two which my GP is not set up to do they would not offer it together with my flu anyway. So I’ll go to the local centre when it gets announced.

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Treetop33 in reply to Star13

Me too. Lupus is very reactive and I always pace interventions out without Covid in the mix.

Well I'm more concerned about what advice we'll get regarding our immunosuppressants when we get the booster dose. The Americans have posted clear recommendations and advice in the following document. See bottom p4 especially.

All I'm saying is for me personally, I'd rather see more vulnerable people get these boosters first before me and get the results, before I traipse down to my empty GP practice these days and get mine. Getting the common cold is bad enough for me. At this point in time, I can't afford to be off work or sick, as I'm self employed. Fortunately, I didn’t get any extreme side effects from the first two jabs.

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KayHimm in reply to awareness75

You have to weigh the risk for yourself. The experts have weighed the risk and think with current information - numbers of immunocompromised individuals getting sick and in some cases dying - that the benefit is high and risk low.

HiThanks for sharing information... & Cathyan..

My understanding from American studies (may be John Hopkins) that those on certain DMARDs,/extremely vulnerable, may not have much in the way of antibodies following the double vaccination (& some have no antibodies that have been tested, that I know personally).

The 3rd vaccine will enable us - autoimmune compromised, to increase our antibodies quite considerably & make us more resilient (hopefully) to Covid & help to prevent hospitalization & death... Studies are still ongoing, but early findings are looking really good...

I took the antibody test & know I have very little in the way antibodies & I hope with my continued sheilding or extra precautions to avoid getting covid & the 3rd vaccine may help me to avoid, further serious illness this year....


HiThere are a lot of people who have chosen not to have the jab and that is a human right. I wouldnt base not getting the booster on anything others do or dont do I'm sure the booster is no different from the initial jab and safe.

Hi It does make me wonder when so many of those with either a disease e,g, cancer, SLE, Type 1 diabetes etc OR are immunosuppressed who have regular blood tests anyway (when tubes are available!!) cannot have the appropriate antibody test carried out at the same time as a routine. We would then know for sure exactly who needs a booster jab and there would be very firm data, both nationally and globally, on the effectiveness of the jabs in the various groups whether they be by disease type, meds being taken etc.

I think it's come about because Delta can spread despite vaccination, and thus we need to turn to making sure those with vulnerabilities don't end up in hospital. There's a lot of vaccine hesitancy in younger age groups, so not sure focusing on them helps. That said, if I could give my booster to my daughter, who will be 12 in a few months, I would.

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MercyT in reply to Treetop33

You can, well here in N.I you can if you’re CEV and you have children. 12 years and over. T

I got my third shot last weekend. An older woman was there getting her first shot. We were the only ones there. The leftovers aren't being sent to areas that need them. They're just going in the bin. One less sick person needing covid care at the hospital is one less person.

The truth of the matter is, we never know when we're going to encounter the virus. It's best to have as much protection as you can get.

Hi, everyone. I am from US and I had my third shot 2wks ago. I heard Dr. Fauci say that immuno compromised folks probably never reached full protection so he said to get one so we would be at the same level as everyone else. I feel sad for those who haven't gotten their second or even first shot, but I can't control their actions or beliefs, all I can do is my part to keep others safe by being vaccinated. Take care everyone. PS-magnets do not stick toe so far, and I have yet to grow any extra digits.

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maggielee in reply to Iburtalot

Ha, ha, ha 😂😃. Glad to hear we are safe from out 3rd vaccine - did give me a good belly laugh..... ml

I feel sorry for those who genuinely cant get a vaccine rather than choose not to have them for what ever reason. Some that chose not to cant due to medical reasons but others its just an opinion that stops them and for those I have no patience. As has been said we dont know where or when we can pick up the virus or how it will effect us so we should all do our best to protect ourselves be it one, two or three jabs, as in doing so we help others who are less able to help themselves.

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You may not have patience with them but do remember it's a human right that must NEVER be trampled on.

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