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Spotted Flycatcher update

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Hello again friends,

I’ve been keeping an eye on the flycatcher’s nest ever since discovering her nest and eggs in our ornamental bird feeder outside our shed. A few days ago I peeked in and thought I could see 2 tiny little chicks along with 2 unhatched eggs. The photo I took didn’t really show them up well at all but today they have grown that little bit more and are more easily recognised. Still only 2 chicks though, so perhaps the other 2 eggs never hatched and of course the one outside the nest has remained intact. But I’m so excited at having these little treasures in our old coconut bird feeder and hope and pray the sparrowhawk and woodpecker don’t discover them. 🙏🏻 There is a colourful spinner in front of the nest so I hope that will deter the sparrowhawk as it should impede its flight to the nest but I’m not sure about the woodpecker . A relative who is a keen birder suggested putting up a curtain of chicken wire or netting in front of the nest to impede predators, but we are worried the flycatchers might get caught up in it themselves. I say themselves because it seems Mrs Flycatcher had a very elusive hubby in the wings who has now made himself more obvious. 😃 Any thoughts about the curtain?

Hoping you are all as well as can be and that you have a lovely weekend. 🤗😘🐣🐥xxxx

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Oh how wonderful. Two baby birds. That is amazing. Thank you for updating us. I don’t really know what you can do to deter the cuckoo but I hope others here will xxx

They are a sight for sore eyes aren’t they Cecily? I’m so pleased for the parents but also very anxious about the wee ones’ safety. 🙏🏻 We’ll see what others think. Hugs as always. 🤗🤗xx

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Doesent it just lift your heart when you see new life like that you must be chuffed to bits that those eggs hatched and your now being just as protected ve of them as mum would be it’s just so lovely,well done you xx

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Aww, thanks Maggie. 😁 I was just as anxious about the wee dunnocks in our hedge and the wee wrens in the hanging coconut last year yet thankfully they all fledged successfully. 👍🏻👍🏻 But they weren’t as easily seen as this nest so I’m praying it won’t be long until they fledge. 🙏🏻 I think they hatched about 5 days ago because it was around then I started to notice Mum go to the nest for a short time and then fly off again as if she was feeding young. Mind you, once they fledge I’ll have no excuse for not weeding the borders next to the shed. 🤨😆 xxx

I have a great excuse for not weeding, my garden is full of toads. everytime I grab a handful of weeds I find a toad. I even discovered ones winter bed and nearly raked it up in the leaves back in feb.

Ugh, I wouldn’t like that Suzannah. 🥴 But on the upside you should have very few slugs. I’m not keen on them but prefer them to frogs that leap around in all directions and frighten the life out of me. 😳 You’ll have to get a gardener. 😉😆 xxx

Maybe you can turn one into a Prince 🤴

now that's an idea

A gardener would be preferable to a prince in my book. But perhaps Suzannah would disagree. 😆

Well the Prince will come with his entourage including a gardener and a chef so toads and frogs GONE - frogs legs for dinner 😂

😂😂🤣 What a thought. 🤗x

Fantastic spotty that their are flycatcher babies. Can understand your anxiety about protecting them though. 🤞 they are left alone and the parents do a proper job and they fledge soon. So exciting spotty so thank you for updating us . Im sure seeing those chicks made your weekend. Keep us posted and ill email you begining of week. Thank you for your lovely messages. Xx🤞🐣🤞🐣🤞🐣❤Xx

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It has definitely made our weekend Misty.🥰 I’m just hoping they’ll fledge soon before any flying predators know they are there.🙏🏻 Although they aren’t even a week old they are filling the nest so perhaps it is just as well the other eggs didn’t hatch. Thanks for your messages too Misty and I look forward to hearing from you next week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 💖😘xx

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This is so special spotty so im keeping 🤞and 🙏for a good outcome for the babies. Keep safe and ill be in touch soon. Xx🐣❤🐣🤞❤🐣❤🤞🐣❤🤞

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Thank you Misty. 🤗😘xxxx🐣🐥

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🐣>🐥 😌This is brilliant news. Lovely picture. I bet Mr and Mrs Flycatcher know that you are happy for them.

They can sense it..

Oh I hope so SC. They scold us if we go anywhere near the shed even if there is no sight of them when we wander down they are soon there chittering at us so we beat a hasty retreat often without whatever it was we were going to the shed for. 😂 Glad you like the photo. 😘 Take care. 🤗🤗xx

Re: Appt turnaround and the hatching of the has been a good weekend...may all that is good continue..feeling really happy....

There is a little bush across the road from where I live that fills up with starlings - maybe 20-30 of them. It must be quite squashed. They make quite a bit of chatter and then fly onto the roof of a house. I've been wondering what is going on - maybe it is a starling meeting bush where they discuss life and then have a fly around - they seem very happy.

😂😂 Starlings are such funny birds aren’t they. We have them nesting here and the young squabble at the bird tables and feeders making quite a racket each morning. Years ago we never had them here at all. Anyway, I’ll have to tell them about your starlings’ meeting bush and see if they’ll do the same. 😁 So pleased to hear your football team won the Charity Shield 👏🏻👏🏻. A brilliant weekend all round. 👍🏻👍🏻

We have lots of starlings, the baby ones go crazy over the fat balls that I put out. Most birds don't seem to touch them in the warmer weather but those babies eat them as fast as I put them out.

Same here Villagelife. 😃 We also have greater spotted woodpeckers, great tits, blue tits and sparrows who enjoy them during the summer too.😁 But the starlings definitely go berserk over them. Some people don’t feed the birds at all during the summer but we do and we enjoy seeing them bring their families to the feast as well. 🐥🐥 As we don’t have pets anymore we don’t mind spending on the food for them and they bring us many hours of enjoyment.🥰 xx

I love to feed the birds, my 1st job of the day is walking our dogs, my 2nd is feeding the birds, the I get to have my coffee 😄

Haha. We are the same. Hubby is up before me so his first job is to feed the birds, then we have breakfast. What sort of dogs do you have VL? I still miss Murray who was a rescue puppy but we think he was a border collie/lab cross. He was almost 9 when we lost him to liver cancer. We’ve had 2 budgies since (one after the other) but wanted the freedom to travel more so have remained pet less once we lost them. Then Covid came.🙄 Maybe time for another pet. 😁

Its sad when you lose a pet. We have 2 miniature poodles a cream boy Teddy nearly 5 & a brown girl Kola nearly 4😊, they like to have lots of walks,they bring so much love🥰

Aww, Teddy and Kola sound adorable. You must put up a post of them. Yes, they offer so much love don’t they no matter what you are wearing, what you look like or even smell like they are always so pleased to see you.🥰 I miss that. But the birds do help to compensate. 👍🏻👍🏻 Just not any use for a cuddle.😆 Enjoy your week VL. 🤗😘xx

They are definitely adorable and always excited to see us we don't leave them for long but you would think we had been gone for days. I did put a photo of Teddy & Kola last week. If you can't see it I will post another. I dont think birds would appreciate a cuddle 😆

Aww, that’s lovely. Always a warm welcome from them even if you’ve only been gone a short time. Murray was the same whereas the cats just glanced at us and went back to sleep. 😂 I looked at your profile and list of posts but don’t see any photo of Teddy and Kola so I assume you put one up on somebdoy else’s post? I’d love to see them if you don’t mind posting the photo again on here, otherwise put up a post of them so everybdoy can enjoy seeing them. Our budgies loved to sit on our fingers and even liked a delicate kiss on their heads and they’d gently nuzzle our chins, noses or lips but the wild birds defintiely wouldn’t enjoy a cuddle or reciprocte as our budgies did. 😂🤣 Looking forward to seeing Teddy and Kola. 🤗😘

Here are Teddy & Kola


They are absolutely gorgeous. 😍 I love the colour of Kola particularly - a very attractive young lady. 👌 But they both look so huggable and cuddly. Do you and hubby have one each or do your share them both? Do you have to get them professionally groomed? Sorry too many questions. Thanks for sharing the photo with me VL they have made my day. 🥰 👍🏻👍🏻 🤗xx

You are welcome 😃 so glad they made your day. its nice to show them off. We have them professionally groomed every 4-5 weeks. Kola had a Miami cut & had lovely fluffy boots but she is a tomboy lol & got so many sweetheart sticky seeds stuck in her fur. They take ages to pick out each time 😂, we will probably get the boots back in the winter. We share the dogs they love us equally, right now they are both wanting to be stroked by me lol, makes typing tricky😆. Their antics make us laugh daily.

Aww, the fluffy boots sound lovely, but yes I can imagine them being hard to keep clean and free of seeds etc. That’s brilliant that you share them both and they share you both. A perfect family. 🥰They sound a lot of fun and they have made me smile today. 😁 Thanks again VL. Hugs to you all. 🤗🤗🤗🤗xx

Hugs & fluffy hugs back to you 😘

Yes I did put the photos on someone else's post but didn't realise everyone couldn't see them, Im not very good at posting pics lol. Your budgies sound like they were cuddling you in their way🥰

Well everybody could see them if they happen to look at that post and after you’d put the photos up. Whereas a post you put up will be listed for all to see if they so desire and would be easy to find again as your posts are listed beside your profile. You’ll get the hang of it - it took me ages. 😆 It is all a learning curve and very good for our wee grey cells! 😉👍🏻👍🏻 Thanks again for sharing your gorgeous fur babies. I love them. 💖💖😘xx

Let’s hope they make it 😍😍😍😍 my daughter snd I took a baby magpie to the vets last week after the crows attacked it and dropped on our lawn. Vets said he had a good chance, and once had fluids would pass him to bird rehabilitation 😍 I wouldn’t put a curtain there , I’d let nature do it’s thing 🤷‍♀️Fingers crossed they’ll be fine and fledge 😍👏🤞👍😘🤗xx

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The baby magpie was so lucky that animal lovers like you and your daughter rescued it and took it to the vets. 🥰 Great news that they’ll pass it on to the bird rehabilitation people. 👍🏻 I’m glad you agree with us Stiff about the curtain. With all of us praying for the wee mites hopefully they’ll finish growing and fledge. 🙏🏻The parents are zapping around this evening catching insects for their babies. It is so lovely to see.😍 Love and hugs to you and your daughter. 🤗🤗😘😘

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I’m so pleased the dad made a showing and lovely the parents are zapping around to feed the babies. 👍😍 we watch the bats every night when we tuck the chooks in 🤣 there was four in the week and daughter loves them. One year as wecame in patio door one followed us in 🤣🤣🤣

Love snd hugs to you too , enjoy your weekend 👍 and the birdies 😘🤗xx

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Aww, that’s lovely about the bats.👍🏻👍🏻 When we stayed with friends in the tropical rainforest above Cairns many years ago we asked why they left their windows wide open at night. They said it was to let the bats in because they hoovered up all the insects but did occasionally leave a small deposit so to keep our mouths closed when we slept! 😂😂🤣Thanks too for your kind wishes. 🥰 xxx

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🤣🤣🤣 I wish they come in and eat the spiders I keep getting in my bedroom 😱😱😱😘🤗x

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😂😂 I bet they’d enjoy them too. 🕷🦇 👍🏻 🤗😘xx

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🤣🤣🤣👍 I defo do not 🙈🤣xx

They are indeed precious babies! Hoping curtains/whirly/ shiny things work? Not familiar with sparrow hawks, but is there anything they really hate? Hugs to you Spotty-ewe😘

Some birds, like magpies and crows, collect shinny things..

Yes we have a shiny colourful spinner hanging in front of the nest and we wonder if that is why the flycatchers chose this nest site?🤔 Hopefully it will deter a sparrowhawk whose wing span will be too big to get between it and the hanging coconut, which wrens nested in last year, to get to the flycatchers’ nest on the shed wall. But we’re worried an extra curtain of wire or net might create problems for the flycatchers themselves so perhaps best left alone. They chose that site after all as it is, so we might just wait to see what happens. A hard decision because if the worst happens we’ll wish we had put up a curtain, but if they damage themselves in such a curtain we’ll wish we hadn’t. When I had a budgie the sparrowhawk terrorised him at my study window as Eros had freedom in my study . I had to leave the roller blind half down so Eros wasn’t so obvious in the room after that incident. We also witnessed the sparrowhawk taking blackbird chicks from their nest which had been partially exposed in a hedge, so sparrowhawks are not my favourite bird. 😡

Hoping things are oaky with you CG. 🙏🏻 Take care. Hugs back to you 🤗😘xx

Which are your favorites?

I love all the wee tits - great, coal, blue and long-tailed which we get at the feeders, and the nuthatch is gorgeous too. I love our wood pigeons and collared doves and the great spotted woodpecker is lovely to see and identify male, female and juniors but I’m not keen on some of its predatory habits. I love the majestic buzzard too which holds a lot of nostalgia for me . 🥰 I even love crows which are so intelligent and eat peacefully beside smaller birds at our ground feeders.👍🏻 What are your favourites SC? 🤗xx

I like lots of them, but normally not the predators. I'm not into kites.

I like the bird feeder tits and finches..really like the long tailed.

I like blackbirds - they seem so thoughtful and work so hard.

I like sparrows because they don't fight, instead sharing feed.

Although I don't like predators I have a soft spot for some corvids - because it is easy to interact with them. As you say they are so smart.

My favorite may be the jackdaw - At a garden centre I once saw a male gather a 'beakful of feathers' and then take them to his Mrs, laying them on the ground in front of her..then they flew off together. They are so faithful.

I once saw a raven outside a roadside cafe in Lincolnshire - it visited at breakfast time and came over to the window and looked as us eating. Just could not believe it.

I would love to adopt a caracara at a bird sanctuary. They are not scared of people. It is probably best to adopt a bird that can be held though, and caracara would not cope well with that as they love running and jumping about. They are so funny.

Yes I like lots of them...I'm in dreamland..

Aww, it is Sunday so dreamland sounds a good place to be. 🥰 What a lovely selection of birds you are fond of SC. I am really fond of jackdaws too and used to have them nest in a huge tangle of ivy on a dying ash tree. Now the tree has died and the ivy cut at ground level to kill it they have relocated. Lovely stories about the jackdaw and the raven - thanks for sharing. I’m not really familiar with the caracara so I’ve just looked it up. Lovely looking birds and quite a variety of them. 👍🏻👍🏻When I lived on the islands off the west coast of Scotland I loved the puffins, guillemots and gannets I saw on the cliffs and stacks. Watching the gannets dive was fabulous and the puffins were such comical things.😍🤩 Shelduck were very attractive and easy to identify and I woke up to the cry of oystercatchers and curlews nearby. Wonderful memories. ☺️ As a child growing up in Australia the magpie (quite different from ours) the butcher bird and kookaburra were heard regularly and if I’m ever back visiting their cries take me right back to my childhood. 🙃

I’m enjoying our birding afternoon. Thanks SC. 🤗xx

Really wonderful SE. I've only seen sea birds on holiday - I liked the sound of the curlew. I would like to go on a birding holiday so I could learn more about them all.I did go to Australia one summer and the sounds of the birds there was something else. This reminds me as I came back home just now I went past the bush with the starlings in. It is covered in blackberries and the sounds coming from inside are so varied - they are mimicking other birds so much. I'm going to go across and record some of it.🎵📻

Recording the starlings is an excellent idea SC.👍🏻👍🏻 I joined a small group who wanted to record the dawn chorus one morning on one of the islands I lived on. We all fell about laughing when the second bird we heard at that early hour (5am as I recall) was the farmer’s cockerel! 😂😂I went on a trip with a friend and her bird club. I found them all very patient and informative and willing to let me look through their scopes which were so much better than my binoculars, so I’m sure you’d really enjoy a birding holiday. I also went with the same friend to the Bird Observatory on Fair Isle one October. It was fabulous and we saw many unusual birds including a storm petrel and a bee eater blown off course.😍👍🏻👍🏻

I’m so glad you have been to Australia and enjoyed the bird song. Talking of immitators, the lyre bird is amazing. We saw one in a nature reserve which even immitated the sound of a camera shutter going off umpteen times, a chain saw and other human-produced sounds as well as other birds. It was so funny.

Happy birding SC and let us know how you get on with the recording.

🤞 xx

This is gorgeous Spotty! What a great pic of these two little Flycatchers snuggled up - fingers crossed the spinner keeps the big birds at bay🤞🦅 😘🤗😘

They are so lovely aren’t they HW? I haven’t been out to look at them today so I hope they are still thriving on Mum and Dad’s take away meals. I’ll keep an eye on them and report again hopefully before they fledge. 🙏🏻🐣🐥🤗😘xx

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