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Tortoise and the hare

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Here she is, our family tortoise of 50 years and the vet says she’s at least 85. In hot weather she easily eats 3 lettuces and a pound of tomato’s a day along with half a cucumber! She also likes bread and jam when she emerges from hibernation. 💤

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Hey stills,y lettuce is growing in abundance. So much so I still have to much despite giving it to neighbours. I'd be happy to share. I'm not doing so well on my tomatoes. So far I have grown only one 😂.

Beautiful tortoise

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honeybug in reply to happytulip


Our first tomatoes are nearly ready and the smell is amazing. We got three varieties and they each have a distinct aroma. Next year we’ll grow more. My grandpa had a green house packed with tomatoes and a black grape vine, he spent hours in there every day always dressed in a stud collar, waistcoat and jacket …. Happy memories 😃

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HMThai in reply to happytulip

Nice image!♥️ kids in Nairobi Kenya where I was born we had tortoises over 100 years+in the Zoo........ Huge in Size....... what is her name?..... Good day from Thailand ❣️

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stillsdisease in reply to HMThai

Topsy. In the 70’s when you could still buy tortoises in the uk we had 4 but sadly Topsy is the last one,

Absolutely precious 🤗🥰♥️♥️♥️

I love these big beauties.

Thanks so much for sharing.

What’s her name??? Give her hugs and love from me.

EJ. 🤗♥️🥰🙏🕊🌿🌸🦋

Topsy. In the 70’s my brothers and I had others- Tommy, Tiger and Titchy….. can you see a theme developing 😄we didn’t have much imagination back in the old days!

You need another one and call it Turvey 😂 what a pretty lady clearly very content to eat that much .I'm with her on the bread and jam front ....takes alot to beat a jam sandwich .Big hug stills 🤗 xx

Toast and jam is just the best ! Cures all ailments 😉💕x

Cheese and jam sandwiches are perfect if you just don't know what to have 😁 xxx

🧀 jam in same sandwich 🥪 ?x

Oh yes delicious...crackers with cheese and jam too x

Always been tempted to try and make strawberry 🍓 jam but it sounds exhausting 😂 and would it be as good as Hartleys 😂

My mum used to make but sounds alot of hassle getting the pectin right ....I with you we will leave it to Hartleys x

J. R Hartley..... I wonder if you’re old enough to remember? 😆😆

That was the yellow pages advert 😁! I used to work for them 😂

Fly fishing by ..,,, hard company to work for apparently, well on the sales side at least

I love cheddar and black current jam sandwiches 🤪

Ginger jam is best on brown 👌x

I didn’t even know ginger jam was a thing 🙈😂! This forum never ceases to amaze me 😁😁

Ginger jam, blackberry jam, quince jam, plum, damson, cherry, red current, gooseberry, pear, apple, ooooh rubarb and everyone’s fav JAMMY DODGERS 🤣

I also like cheese on fruit cake

Not tried that but have heard of it.heard of having it buttered x

Yum, I also butter ginger loaf and banana loaf and just ignore the calories 😄

🤔😁the mind boggles😛

I think everyone should try cheese and jam sandwiches once in their lifetime 😅....some people just don't know what they are missing lol 😆 xx

It’s quite difficult to hug a tortoise actually 😂

Well just put your arm across her back and that’s a hug from me…if you don’t mind please.

I think all of the names of the other tortoises are great.

Are they still living and owned by your siblings???

Again thanks for sharing sweetie.

EJ 🥰

Sadly Topsy is the last surviving tortoise and I also lost one of my brothers. Life can be cruel.

Ohhh… my deepest sympathies for your losses.

Yes life is often cruel.

Sending my most gentle loving hugs and prayers.

I hope and pray that you and Topsy have long lives.

Best wishes hun.

EJ 🤗♥️🥰🙏🕊🌿🌸🦋

She is absolutely gorgeous 😍

What a beauty IVe always wanted a tortoise.a friend of mines had a pretty big garden in Spain and found a load of wild tortoises when she lived there,I unfortunately got snakes in my garden which I’m terrified of I’d have swapped for tortoises anyday lol.thankyou for photo.

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stillsdisease in reply to

Ugh snakes! Apparently they taste like chicken….

in reply to stillsdisease

I avoided getting that close lol.

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stillsdisease in reply to

Eek what type is that slimly slitherer 😧

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HMThai in reply to stillsdisease

We live with many snakes here in Thailand near a forest where they release the ones which wander down..... many close encounters!!!....we are also seeing the Scorpions lurking around too!.... good wishes from Thailand!🤗

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stillsdisease in reply to HMThai

😳😳😳 nightmare creatures for me. Hoping to visit your country next year, typical tourist trip, Bangkok then Phuket. Definitely won’t go into the forest though 🐍 🦂 😨

Aw I LOVE this ♥️

That’s very cool. I’ve not seen one outside of a zoo. We have alligators snakes and snapping turtles and boxed turtles. TonsVarieties of frogs and toads. Oh and lizards.

But not anything like her!!she’s a keeper!

What a fantastic pic !!! Love the fact she likes some jam 😁. Thank you for posting such a lovely pic xx


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Tiggywoos in reply to stiff19

I had to google why they live so long as fascinated ! This came up ..Giant tortoises have very slow metabolisms, which means they burn energy at a slower rate than smaller and faster animals. ... According to this theory, tortoises live longer because their slow metabolisms burn less energy, which means less harm to the cells in their bodies

Plus they get to sleep through the cold uk winters 🙃

I’d love ❤️ that .. sleep all day and night with the heated blankey on watching re runs of my 600 ib life 😂😂

What a gorgeous old lady Topsy is. 😍 I hope I look as good as her if I ever reach her age and I hope I have people as loving as she has looking after me at that age. 🥰 Thank you so much for sharing Stills. 🤗😘xx

She’s quite ungrateful, never cuddles and poos all over the patio 😝

That can happen when you reach that age! 😂😂🤣 She’s still lovely. 👍🏻👍🏻 😁


Oh wow she is just gorgeous. What is her name? She has the same diet as me lol but looks better on it Xxx

Topsy. Her hobbies are eating, sleeping, pooing and escaping 😉

Sounds good to me 🤣🤣

I was going to say sounds like me lol xxx

🤣🤣 can’t remember the last time I had jam 😋 but daughter has made an upside down pineapple cake so will definately be having a slice of that 😀xx

Clever daughter! I’ve been learning to bake since Covid caused my firm to close. I like doing jam tarts best but then I can’t move my hands and my wrists are very painful for days afterwards. So far I’ve done tarts, brownies, cookies, scones, sponges and crumbles, all basic stuff. I’m a bit nervous of going further with more advanced things as I cry if the fail and it’s an expensive waste too, I may try a Victoria sponge soon as it’s hubby’s favourite 🤩

Daughter 14 but loves baking 👍🤷‍♀️Excellent you’ve cooked a good range.👍 I don’t really like cooking but my choice is savoury, breads pies quiche etc all barring apple crumble, I love making that and the smell of stewing apple filling the kitchen 🤣 I struggle with hands too mashing, rolling, kneading, lifting but generally worth it to eat it after 🙈🤣🤣🤣Don’t cry, laugh about it, some of the funniest things are the disasters in the kitchen, 🤣🤣🤣 yes theres the expensive waste but helps with learning from the mistakes 👍 all else fails I just get someone else to do it👍

Partial to a slice of Victoria sponge too 😋😋 you’re amongst others enjoying the kitchen here , cecily , horsewhisper and others 🙌🏻 Me I’m best at tasting 🤣

Wow! Amazing ......🐢🐢🐢

She is a beauty! She could be a poster for eating healthy. If only she could talk, what amazing things she could tell us. Thanks for sharing.

Healing hugs.

How about a caption competition as suggested by some one last week, that was fun. You start ….

Beautiful! My grandparents retired to the Mojave Desert 30 miles from the city of Mojave in the High Desert of California and we would see the tortoise from time to time. My grandfather was a Dutchman who still gardened and would leave vegetables out for them in the shade. Every morning, if we rose early, we might could catch a peek of the precious sight.

How special that your family has taken care of this magnificent creature for 5 decades!! Kudos to you. I hope your family enjoys many more bonded decades to come.🙌🏼💫💛

Thank you , I hope so too, each March we wait with baited breath for the noise of Topsy stirring from her winter straw nest 😀

Topsy is beautiful stills. A very grand old lady being so well looked after. Thanx so much for sharing her pic. Keep safe and well. Xx🐢❤🐢Xx

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