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It’s Bank Holiday Mira Monday 🐶🐶❤️

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Hi Folks hope all are enjoying the bank holiday - this is a picture of Mira after I had cut the grass on my sit on mower - we have a huge garden but you can see by her green paws she was chasing me on the grass as I was driving round the garden , she’s still a little minx but so lovable ❤️

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Loving the green feet 👍 shows she had fun 🤣🤣🐶🤗x

Oh that has made my morning!! Mira with green feet is adorable. Our grass is so high at the moment Brodie does not like even having a wee so Neil is getting out the mower. Dylan used to run back and fore after Neil but since he has gone blind we cannot risk it. He sits by the patio doors, he cannot see but he listens intently bless him. Xxx

Ahh bless him ❤️

Super cute and love the green feet ! She’s clearly having fun and doesn’t care ! I imagine she must be such a wonderful companion and comfort to you 💕xx

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Oh she is, don’t know what I would do without her and her mum Bea - they keep me smiling that’s for sure xx

The start of a new fashion.i will gladly swap 2 have been in the stagnant pools on the beach 🤢 x

Oh no - Mira and Bea both don’t like the water - have a good rest of the day ❤️

Theyve ran rings round me this morning...millie had me up at 5.30am for a wee ,ended up staying up and pegging washing out then they both ran out to the pools so have just had to have a bath which means to cleaning the bathroom now im worn out and ready for bed ! .enjoy your garden xx

Ahh that’s not good - have a restful day and take it easy ♥️

I forgot to say hope you have the best day next week when you see your daughter and grand children ❤️

Thank you even my son in law isnt getting out of coming because its his day off 🤭.we are picnicking and toddling ( George is 20 months and millie is an old fart) at oakwell country park xxx

Sounds like a perfect day out 💕

Just hope it's not too hot as I've got the longest drive of 2hrs their drive is 50 mins 🙄.I'm trying to make duggie for george.i started a jumper but didnt finish it because of my eyes and now it will be too small I think x

Oh what a shame - you will be truly shattered after your long day out but so worth it to see your family - I bet they are so excited x

To george I'm just that strange woman on the screen ..I've only seen him 3 times because of covid.em is 7 going on 17 so most probably isnt bothered, will I get on with .... he will be in the picnic bag looking for my flapjack theyve requested jen will looking for brownies 😁 x

Flapjack and brownies - sounds divine - yes I expect it will be strange for them to see you after all this time - Covid has got a lot to answer for x

Oh no!! Bath time? 🤢🛁🧽 xxx

Yes theyve just got out .... so after washing and pegging out before 7am ivw now got wet towels and dog fleeces but at least I can get them dry.x

Yes at least they will dry off quickly too. A stinky start to the day though, poor you xxx

And an early one she had me up at 5.30am for the loo

She is worth it though 🐶❤️ Xxx



Mira is soooooo loving chasing the garden mower. Great doggy fun for her. Plus she is making sure that every blade of grass has been cut to perfection, then she will lie out and catch a few sun rays. What a “dog’s life” Woof Woof Mira, keep up the good work girl 👍🐾

Don’t know if you can see but she’s fast asleep in the middle of the palms 😂❤️

Dog lead between two palms

Hello svfarmer what a lovely picture. She is so gorgeous. I'm having a rough few days so seeing Mira has cheered me up. Thank you. Big hugs to you and a cuddle for Mira. X

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svfarmer in reply to JCZW

I’m glad she made you smile - I’m so sorry your feeling so rough at the moment - sending big hugs 🤗💕

We must ALL be careful, us “loopies” in the sun!!! Hottest and sunniest day of the year, this bank holiday so far. VERY HIGH and dangerous uv light everywhere…

Mira’s got skin protection hopefully, her fur, but we’ve got to be careful, otherwise…😩😫😭

I personally can only cut the grass at dusk with sunblock and 🕶 plus 👒

Best wishes to all🥰😍

Yes it’s very warm today - both Mira and Bea have cooling jackets on when it’s really hot - take care x

I love seeing little mira, she looks so cheeky today !

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She’s always cheeky 😂❤️

So lovely! Her little paws! 😍


Mira is so adorable 🥰 Love her green feet! I have a friend with a white Westie. He rolled in the cut grass and was stained green all over! Despite a bath a day it took more than a week until he was restored to his lovely white! Xx

Oh how funny a green Westie, they are lovely little dogs arnt they - have a good week I keep thinking it’s Monday today not Tuesday 😂❤️

I love Mira's stance. She is so darn adorable and i think proud of her grass cutting antics. Looking forward to her next pic! Thank you for starting my day with a smile.

Healing hugs.

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Your very welcome 🥰

Hi SV, Mira has made me smile yet again. 👍🏻 She is so gorgeous. Is she auditioning for ‘green sleeves’? 😆 Thanks for posting, she never fails to make me smile. 🥰 🤗😘x

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Green sleeves 😂 that’s a good one 🥰

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Spotty-ewe in reply to svfarmer

👍🏻 😁 🤗😘xx

Awwwwwww…love you three so much. Again thank you for sharing this pic hun.

EJ 🤗♥️🥰🙏🕊

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