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Belated Happy Easter 🐰 🥚🐣🐥🍫


Hi everyone I hope you all had a happy, chocolate filled Easter. Sorry I am late but I have been very miserable. A prolonged bout of cellulitis, with phlebitis and then an accident. I slipped and twisted my knee getting into the car. I felt a ping and hot burning pain into my groin and down my ankle. I have been unable to weight bare and generally in a lot of pain. A&E referred me to the fracture clinic which I attended today. I have torn three tendons on the left of my knee and torn a muscle to the right of my knee. They considered immobilising it but because of the cellulitis and phlebitis decided against it. I have been told I must have total rest for three months 😫I cannot have anti inflammatories because of my asthma so I have to increase my Garbapentin to allow me to sleep. Now I definitely need cheering up. A group of baby bunnies is called a fluffle by the way. What a fabulous name 🐰🐰🐰

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Sooo sorry to read you are hurt Cecily. I can not imagine how difficult it must be at the moment. Having said that, what a lovely bunch of fluffle you have in there :) x get better soon.. Lots of love, x

CecilyParsley in reply to LalSD

Thank you so much xx

Hello CecilyP, I'm so sorry to hear of your accident. That does sound really nasty, coming on top of everything else as well. I hope you manage to get some rest with the gabapentin and that you feel a bit better soon. Love the picture! They're so tiny! Fluffle, what a brilliant name. Sending virtual hugs


Thank you so much xx

Hi Cecily I’ve been thinking of you as knew you had the fracture clinic this week - what awful news for you - 3 months of total rest 😞 you must be feeling throughly fed up - how’s things with the dog’s now ? Are they all better? The pic of the rabbits 🐰 is just the sweetest thing- I at first thought they were little hamsters 🐹 sending lots of hugs 🀗 to you xx

I was so lucky I had my lovely, gentlemanly Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. He was horrified by the state of my knees and said he was surprised I could walk at all in addition to my injury. He asked why I had not had surgery to replace my knees as he had deemed it urgent in 2017. He actually listened to me as I told him of the infections, pleurisy, angina, Under-active thyroid issues and then the depression that made me regain half the seven stone I lost, then losing two and a bit and being told my efforts were disappointing and that my new knee would buckle under my weight. He understood when I said I just could not put myself through it again and if I get to the stage where I have a window of wellness it needs to be done. He agreed. He said at least three months total rest ( only getting up for the loo and to shower). The muscle tear he said will take much longer to heal but if my tendons heal then I can start gentle walking again. He did advise that there might be a possibility that the one tendon has been torn from the bone, if that is the case it will require surgical repair I truly hope it will not come to that. Perversely he said my knee pain will get even worse because of the lack of movement but it cannot be avoided.Thankfully Dylan’s tumour was benign, we had the pathology report back on Saturday but he has an infection now so is on week two of antibiotics. In himself he is fantastic, no limping or pain, all he needs is his stitches out when the infection clears. Brodie s’testicular lump the vet thinks is a very large fatty skin tag. They have measured it and will measure it again next week. If it has not grown they advise letting it be. All in all wonderful news. Thank you so much for asking after them xxx

I’m so sorry 😞 as if thing’s couldn’t get any worse for you - fingers crossed 🀞 that you don’t need the surgery - the pain you are feeling must be through the roof , wish I could do something to help you 🀗🀗❀ I’m so pleased your boys are both on the mend too, I’m sure they will give you a lot of loving now you have to rest up xxx

You are so kind. I am feeling low, damned Bechets ( queried anyway) has joined the party, mouth, genital and throat ulcers. I think I must have 💩 on someone in a past life. My boys are a huge joy and I am here so I must put the self pity to bed and get on with it. There are so many people who suffer far more than me. I am so grateful for the kindness and support I get here, whether I have Lupus, Bechets, Fibromyalgia, MCTD, UCTD this is a wonderfully positive place and you are such a huge part of that thank you xxx

Pets are such a blessing when you are poorly, hope they keep you company x

Always my boys are my world ❀ Xxx

Thankyou so much for your kind words 🥰

I mean every word. You are a gem xxx


Blimey cecily just read about Brodie 🙏 much love and big hugs to you both 😍🀗x

The vet measured it, she thinks it is a skin tag that is fatty and black because it is on his testicle. If it has not grown there will be no need to do anything. Fingers crossed 🀞🏻 Xxx

I will be keeping my fingers crossed with you, my boy has a couple of lumps but luckily fatty lumps with age. Stay strong cecily you’ve been through the mill , but your dogs by your side will give you love and strength and there’s none better though you also have ours 🀗x

Thank you. This group is so special. It is our safe space, our refuge, our place to vent and giggle. I feel incredibly blessed to have you all. You all make life happier and richer. I will let you know what happens with Brodie next week xxx

It is, 🙏 we are blessed to have each other 🙏, yes please let us know how you both are 🀗🐶🀗xx

Sorry to hear of your troubles cecily 🙏 a slip was the last thing you needed , but I hope you rest well and recover. I hope the gabapentin do help you get some sleep, I am sending 🀗🀗🀗🀗Take care cecily 🙏 love the pic of bunnies 😍 at a glance I thought they were choccy bunnies.


Thank you so much. They are so tiny and cute aren’t they? I just loved the fluffle description too. I follow a rescue on Facebook called Helicopter Ears. They take very sick rabbits and give them a wonderful home. It is inspirational and makes me laugh and cry in equal measure. Animals are just such wonderful beings. Glad you like the fluffle xxx

They are soooooo cute 🥰 and fluffier is such a great cute word too 👍.Couldn’t agree more animals are fantastic. My old boy gave me a fright yesterday after his beach jaunt. He looked like he was digging his bed to get comfy with his back legs mainly one, a bit like when dog scratch after toileting but he got off his bed and his leg was shooting out backwards rigid then going from underneath him and he started to look panicky. I lay him down and could feel the tight muscle so gave him some painkiller and held his leg bent and massaged it, I was going to go to vets but painkiller kicked in I think along with massage and it stopped . I lay with him a while and he slept a while, then got up and went for drink ok then slept more then later got up when son came in and played with his toys. Phew what a relief 🙏🙏 hes normal today and fine on his walk, wether it was to do with the cold 🀷‍♀ But it’s never done so before but glad he’s ok 😍🐶

How are you today? Have you managed to sleep 🙏🀗xx

Omg that was scary. How old is he? So fortunate that you witnessed it and were able to help him quickly bless him. I hate it when mine are unwell. Poor Brodie’s arthritis is playing up in this cold weather. He is so stiff and doing a lot of nodding when he walks but he cries pitifully if Neil tries to leave him behind on a walk. I eventually slept very well last night eventually. I have to say the Doctors advice to keep my leg straight and flat with the foot turned up is so painful I just cannot stand to do it for long. I did 3 hours last night and I was sweating with pain. Today I am doing t for ten minutes then relaxing for half an hour. Not ideal but making me far less miserable I hope your boy continues to be ok lovely. Big Cwtches to you and him xxx

Sure was cecily, his leg was so forcefully spasming backwards and leg twisting then giving,he did nothing he doesn’t do normally and so scarey but thankfully ok but will be keeping a close eye on him, if you didn’t see it you wouldn’t have believed it a short while after. For once I was on the ball but always seem to be with the animals , he’s my boy, and of an age it’s scarey .Ah poor Brodie how old is he ?

Wow you did good if held for 3 hours, you can only do what you can tolerate. I hope you rest good and find relief soon, am so glad you slept well, I find it helps you cope a bit better if you get sleep. Thankyou , today’s a good day with him ok still 🙏🐶😍Take good care 🀗🀗x

It is so scary when they cannot tell you what is wrong but when you know them so well you know immediately when they are not right. Brodie gets this look when he is about to be sick, long before he starts gagging. He is such a greedy boy he licks the kitchen floor, pinches the birds bread and eats it so quickly he invariably throws up. He is only eight and will be nine soon. Sadly my husband overfeeds him constantly so he is very overweight. I have tried talking, pleading, pure rage, dubbing him in to the vets we have seen and nothing works. When the Dermatologist refused to treat him because of his weight and really hit home that Neil was killing him with kindness he was devastated. I took over the feeding and Brodie dropped 4 kg and could walk better and was more active. Then I had a bad flare and he resumed the feeding. Since then even if I feed the boys Neil will supplement with chicken, sausage, fish so they will not ear their prescription food.It is so unfair on them. Last night I was up until 3 am washing his bum after he had persistent diarrhoea after Neil fed him beef gggrr. Poor boy Today I have had more reassurances but I will believe it when I see it 😡 xxx

🀣 yes jags does the licking first before being sick not that he’d been a sucky dog. Glad you helped with his weight, so much better for him , I have to control my dogs food he’d eat all day if he could 🀣🀣 though the vet said he’s not overweight he’s just a big boy, the bulldog in him. yes it’s not kind to over treat, my boy has allergies so can’t change his diet too much and seasonal allopecia so he is starting to get bald patch now and runny nose and has antihistamines. If hubby was to clean Brodie’s mess would he realise how he shouldn’t be feeding him that then 🀷‍♀Xx

He does when he takes him out and he cleans up the garden but he sleeps through everything and with his pancreatitis Brodie really suffers. I can tell as soon as he has overfed him. Yesterday he gave him half a pork pie apparently 🀬. I spend a fortune on prescription diet food. Dylan eats it but Brodie will go without food for days hoping to get something more tasty. When Neil was at his sisters funeral Brodie was eating it because he knew full well he would not get anything else from me. I hope his resolve lasts this time . Oh poor Jags with his allergies bless him. Thank goodness for antihistamines eh? Xxx

I hope so too 🙏🀞 yes I’m taking antihistamines too at moment but don’t know they’re doing much except clearing sinus a bit but need to give them longer possibly 🀷‍♀ I think they help jag but don’t eliminate 🀷‍♀I’ve just been for face tests this morning and although quite uncomfortable not as bad as feared though longer than expected. Just Hope test helps 🀞 I have a banging headache now though, so going to just potter about xx

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Rest up Stiff 🀗 you've had a busy day!! 💜🌈😜😜Xx

Oh bless you. I am pleased they were not as bad as you expected. I hope that you get some answers from it. Rest up now lovely xxx

So sorry to hear that. It sounds very painful. Thank you for the bunnies so cute. Wishing you a very swift recovery. 🀗🀗🐣 🍰🍫🍩Hopefully it’s an excuse to spoil yourself xx

Thank you so much, after a few weeks of no cooking or baking I will be climbing the walls lol and I think my hubby will be fed up of my giving him directions from my armchair lol xxx

Oh, this is so hard, Cecily. Knees are essential in holding us up. Glad you got assessed by a good surgeon and have a plan. You have to heal. And it sounds like you really need that knee replacement.

Take care you sweet soul.


Thank you Kay, yes he is just so lovely. No recriminations about weight gain only concern looking at the past year with pleurisy, UTI, Norovirus, celulitus, phlebitis, asthma, hemiplegic migraine on top of my autoimmune issues. And of curse six months of varying doses of prednisalone from 30 mg - 80 mg. He said someone woukd have to be in your shoes before they judge you my dear. It choked me up. He gets it and that is amazing. Xxx

Oh CecilyParsley that chocked me up and what a tiny ray of light he must of been for you in otherwise a horrible dark tunnel . I am so so sorry to hear about your troubles .. I cannot imagine how painful those knees must be . Are you allowed to be in a wheel chair so you can sit outside when it’s warmer and feel a little bit better ?

I agree with Kay .. so good to have a plan .Sending you so much love 💕. Love the bunnies .. I had to zoom in as I wasn’t sure if they were mini guinea pigs 🐖😊xxxxxx

Bless you. I truly appreciate your kindness. I sat last night with my leg straight and foot turned up as directed and it made me sweat . It stretches the torn tendons so they do not shrink apparently. Torture. I gave in after three hours ( lightweight I know lol). Thankfully I slept very well. I have decided that if I can bare it for a few hours a day and build up that will help. Yes I think the wheelchair in the garden sounds great. Glad you like the fluffle of cuties xxx

My goodness.. no wonder you feel low..😞.. this steroid weight gain is horrid.. so difficult for folks to understand that yes , you do try to lose weight 🀬.. my very best wishes to you ..

Thank you so much xxx

I'm gutted for you CecilyP. What a rotten thing to have to deal with on top of everything else. But glad the consultant listened and is clearly in your corner. Sounds like a gentleman indeed. Rest up well and look after yourself. Sending you all the very best wishes for your recovery x.

CecilyParsley in reply to Salzer

That is so kind of you thank you so much. Yes Mr Mackie is a true gent. The nurses always get frustrated because he takes the time to explain and answer questions. It lengthens their days but by God it is amazing patient care. He has been doing it for years and his son in law is a Rheumatologist so he has a real insight into autoimmune conditions too. We need to clone him I think lol xxx

He sounds like one of a kind 😊❀

Ooh ouch Cecily

I really feel for you, so sorry you are in so much pain.. what rotten luck!

Cute bunny pic though ❀ - looks like a chocolate fluffle!

Take care, rest up & I hope increasing the painkillers helps you sleep & feel better soon. X



That is so kind of you Daisy. I really am uncharacteristically grumpy. Hopefully I will improve more each day. Having to use a wheelchair just to go to the loo and taking twenty minutes to get up and down the stairs is driving me nuts..well more so than usual so cute images cheer me up xxx

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Oh so sorry to read this ☹ You really have had a terrible time and are quite allowed to feel grumpy. Even when you feel rubbish you’re always supporting people on here and it’s lovely to hear about your dogs 🐶 and now little rabbits! 😊 How very cute! So tiny, i coping believe they were rabbits 🐰 until looked closely.

I hope they all cheer you up whilst you’re resting your knee. I tore all the ligaments, worst was ACL, in my knee (pre lupus playing football!) and it was very painful but I made a full recovery without surgery so fingers crossed for you too.

Oh I do love that consultant! What a difference it makes. Can you see his rheumy son in law?! Have you told your new rheumy about your injury? Important for them to know too I think xx

CecilyParsley in reply to Melba1

Thank you so much for your kindness Melba. It means so much. I love my cocker spaniels they are so spoiled but repay us tenfold with their affection and funny character traits. We never anticipated getting a rabbit but she was so loved and we miss her so much. I never realised how intelligent and stubborn they were. When she had to be put to sleep I was devastated but I held her little head in my hands and she knew that she was loved. We gave her a lovely life for 21/2 years but I wish it had been longer.Thank you for the encouragement about the tendons. I am struggling badly to walk so it is a relief to know there is hope. Yes Mr Mackie is fabulous, so kind and treats you as if you matter. He tried hard to liaise with my last Rheumatologist who frankly did not want to know. I haven’t heard anything from the new one sine the phone call but now that they are starting clinics again I really hope that he can offer some help. Strangely the main problem seems to be more towards the Bechets symptoms. I am having the third bout of genital ulceration this year and whereas with the Hydroxychloroquine they lasted 7-10 days now that I am off it they are lasting 3 weeks on average. I also have a very husky voice indicative of ulceration in my gullet and nose bleeds from a very dry sore nose with a nasty sore blocking one nostril. As the fluid on my maculars have not completely gone and I know have the start of a cataract in my right eye I am unsure whether he will think it is prudent for me to go back on the Hydroxychloroquine or whether he can suggest something else for me. I am too scared to hope that I will have a great Respiratory Specialist, Orthopaedic Surgeon AND Rheumatologist. Imagine how different my life could be? Your response has given me some hope I really appreciate that xxx

You are allowed to feel grumpy, who wouldn't!

Take care

& hope today was a better day for you X


I am trying not to be miserable. Every time I limp out to the kitchen to make a cuppa my hubby is yelling at me to sit back down 🙄I slept well last night which helps. Thank you for your kindness Daisy it is so much appreciated xxx


Oh what a horrible time!!! Sending imaginary fluffles in every shape and colour to wish you well.

Lots of good music great books fabulous films and online shopping may help.

CecilyParsley in reply to RosaD

Now that sounds fabulous. I love bunnies. We found a poor little one under a car, covered in oil. She had been thrown out bless her. It took weeks to get her to trust us but we went twice daily and brought her food, treats, hay. In the end she let us touch her and my hubby grabbed her. The owner did not want her so we took her home, got her seen by the vet and spoiled her rotten. Sadly although she lived in our home, she had free run of the garden with our dogs and caught fly strike. We miss her she was such a wonderful character and of course the inspiration for my pen name Cecily Parsley. Good films, good music and online shopping also sounds great thank

Dylan and Buns

😟 OH CECILYPARSLEY❣ 💐hope everything heals cooperatively 💞💞💞💞glad you posted 🍀❀ Coco

Thank you so much Coco xxx

Sending hugs .. sounds very painful... might be sprung out today 😊! Will keep in touch x

Great news 🀗 hope you'll soon be home.🀞🀞🌈😜😜xx

Oh that is great news. Crossing fingers for you lovely 🀞🏻 Xxx

Sorry to hear you've been through the mill. But lovely to hear from you . Keep posting, the conversations will help you x Fluffle?! I didn't know that. Collective nouns fascinate me. A parliament of owls. And my daughter tells me a group of unicorns is a blessing, very sweet x

CecilyParsley in reply to BonnyB

A blessing? Wow I love that too. We could all do with a blessing of unicorns at times. Glad you like the bunnies xxx

Oh Cecily P this was the last thing you needed! I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. Sending hugs and thinking about you.

Thank you Barbara. How are you feeling now? I have nothing compared to you xxx

I’m feeling good at the moment, thanks. Fingers crossed🀞it lasts as the weather warms up (although we’ve had sprinkles of snow the last two days). Look after yourself . 🥰

Good to hear that Barbara. Long may your recovery continue. We had hail stones yesterday. I am always hot in hospitals so refused to take a coat but while I was sat in the car park in my wheelchair pelted with hail stones while my carer reversed the car out. I was white and chilled to the bone. Serve my right really lol it is meant to be very cold for a while yet. As my old Nan used to say “ never cast a clout before May is out”. Take care xxx

I love the picture Cecily - so cute 😍 and a fluffle of baby bunnies is such an apt name. But I don’t love your news, that is awful and I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having such a rough time. Wishing you a speedy recovery 🙏🏻, although I know such injuries are usually anything but speedy. Love and healing hugs to you Cecily 💕🀗😘💐🍫xx

Thank you lovely. So frustrating just as my asthma is getting back under control without the steroids. Still I will have to suck it up and rest. From the state of my knees now I know once the tendons are healed I need to build up the exercise get rid of five stone and get the damn thing replaced. Sounds like a plan xxx

It certainly does sound like a plan Cecily. But listen to the lovely Kat and rest up as your doctor ordered. The weight loss plan can wait and you’ll have to start gently when you do start. Baby steps just like the wee fluffle take. Love and hugs. 💕🀗😘💐xx

Yes thank you I know. I am so impatient so Neil will have to reign me in lol xxx

I don’t envy Neil that task because I know you always push yourself. Just relax and enjoy a little pampering for a while.☕🍪 Take care lovely Cecily. 🀗😘 xx

No he doesn’t either . I was just standing chopping salad and he came in berating me to sit down. I listened though xxx

That’s good!👍🏻👍🏻 You’re learning.👏🏻 But keep it up! 😉 xxx

I will try xxx


Hi CP 🀗🀗🀗🀗oodles of cyber hugs to u poor lady 🀗🀗🀗💐You've been struggling for such a long time now lovely with no let thing after another..I'm not surprised you're feeling miserable!!

I'm gonna try to accentuate the positive here..your doctor listened carefully to what u said..before the appt u were worried so now hopefully u feel listened to!! Now u have to listen to what the good doctor told u n u must rest will be infuriating to start with but you've gotta follow doctor's orders here!! 🀓

It's also a good opportunity for hubby to learn how to bake under your expert tuition!! 😹 Won't it be lovely for him to eat a sandwich with bread that he baked himself!!

I didn't know that a fluffle was even a word let alone a group of baby bunnies!! Every day's a school day!! 😹🐰🐰🐰🐰

And of've got us lot so u got plenty of company whist resting up..we're all here for u 🀗 however you're feeling..ok?!? 💜🌈😜😜Xx

You are amazing Kat. Always positive despite your debilitating conditions. How I wish I was more like you. I have never been so relieved and grateful to see Mr Mackie. The nurses groan because he is old school and takes his time to explain everything. Rather than put me in pain getting on the examination couch he got on his hands and knees on the floor to examine me, apologised for having to lift my dress. No recriminations, no judgement just expertise and advice. I will absolutely listen to him. I have such admiration and respect for him. How are you doing lovely? Thank you so much for your kindness. As always it is so much appreciated. Yes a fluffle is so perfect a description isn’t it? I miss our little Bun Bun. She brought such joy to our lives bless her 🐰 xxx

Aw thank u 🀗that's very kind of u to say!! We're all amazing warriors who fight these AI conditions all day every day!! When one of us stumbles we pick each other up!! 🀝

U have a fantastic sense of humour..never lose's what gets me through!!

I'm ok thank u..recovering after having youngest daughter stay at the weekend..I haven't seen her since 2019..we had such a good time!! Now I'm experiencing the inevitable 'lupus payback' but I'm happy!!

I've also got the DWP award letter finally so I'm gonna see about getting a car on motorbility..wish me luck!!

And I've got a story..I'll post it in a couple of this space!! 😉

I use PMT to keep me going!! It's my own krazykat theory!! PMT u ask? Yes Positive Mental Thoughts!! 😹🙌

Take care lovely n rest up's orders!! 💐🌈😜😜Xx

Oh that is so lovely that you got to see your daughter after such a long time Kat. I am so delighted that you had such a good time but sorry about the flare. It is almost as if AI says you have a good time and I will kick your ass isn’t it. It is worth it though always. Also great news about the car. Mobile again !!! So many positives. I sincerely look forward to your story. You rest up and recover and I will be here with my leg up lol xxx

So sorry to hear about your accident CecilyParsley. I do so hope that you are able to get some relief from the aweful pain that you must be feeling. Sending you lots of hugs 🀗🀗🀗🀗🀗 live the picture. Xx

CecilyParsley in reply to JCZW

Thank you so much. At least now I have a plan. So pleased you like the bunnies xxx

Oh CP, what an awful time you've been having. I feel so sorry for you. But on the bright side, you seem to have a wonderful, caring surgeon who listens and doesn't judge. And your two fur babies have good prognoses. I just wish I could take away some of your pain and frustration. But hang on in there because time will heal, slowly but surely, xxx


CecilyParsley in reply to MEGS53

Yes I am so delighted it was him. I am amazed he hasn’t retired, he obviously loves his job. We are delighted about Dylan’s report, the lump bled so much I was so worried but it is off and he is bouncing around again bless him. He is such a little trooper.Once we know about Brodie’s lump/ skin tag I will feel much happier. Thank you for your kindness as always Meg. I hope you are doing as ok as you can be? Xxx

MEGS53 in reply to CecilyParsley


I am so sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. Rest up and find a box set to watch. Call The Midwife returns a week on Sunday! Never knew that a group of baby rabbits is called a fluffier. Very apt and cute name. Found this joke which may cheer you up a bit. Xx

Just a laugh!

Really? I love Call the Midwife. I have to say Unforgotten and Keeping Faith both ended forever and reduced me to tears ( I know I am that sad lol ) Intruder ..well honestly despite two great female actresses is dreadful, truly excruciatingly bad. If you like a giggle go on Twitter and read the tweets on it. I was actually crying laughing last night at some of them. It cheered me up no end. Brilliant joke both gorgeous dogs 😂🐶🐶 xxx

I tried to watch Intruder too as I thought it sounded so good but what a load of piffle!!!

It was sooooo bad. When the guy was running shouting Angela, Angela it was like carry on films. Just dreadful. With such good actresses like Elaine Cassidy and Sally Lindsay I thought it would be great but dear me it was so bad I was laughing xxx

😆 haha me too , dreadful acting . I thought it was me feeling grumpy actually.. glad I’m not alone .. I’m out of hospital 🏥! Slept reasonably well after 5 nights of horrors 🥺now that ward really was like a Carry on film ! Lupus nephritis was diagnosed eventually did I already say ? It’s calmed down after taking the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin infusion and now orally .. I’m allergic to so many antibiotics that it took a while to prescribe..Thank you again. Everyone for all your good wishes when I was close to tears 😭 .. bless you all

Oh that is wonderful news. I am so pleased that you are home and starting to recover. No it was not just you, Intruder is so ludicrous especially the comedian who plays the husband. If you like a giggle look at the comments on Twitter about it. Hilarious. It cheered me up no end, so funny. You rest up and recover lovely xxx

There is to be another series of Unforgotten. Info is on this page be different but hopefully just as good. Xx

Really? Oh that is amazing. So sad Nicola Walker will not be part of it though. I so wanted Cass to retire and end the series on a sun bed sipping cocktails xxx

So sorry to hear that, what bad luck. Hope the gabapentin helps . Sending a hug 🀗🀗.Do you have plenty to read, time to catch up on all those books? And maybe find a good series on tv to watch

Take care , hope you feel more comfortable

M x

Thank you yes lots of books, my Sims game and Netflix and Now xxx

Oh and love the fluffle 😍❀

Me too ❀🐰 xxx

Hi everyone I have been a member on this site for a few years but have only committed a couple of times.

I felt that this story warranted my attention. I feel for you as I am in a similar situation not with the ligament damage but with constant pain in my back I have just had a telephone consultation with Kings College hospital in London to be told that I need my whole lower back being fused. It came as a great surprise to me, so I feel your pain and frustration.

Sorry I hijacked your post.

Hi Gilly oh bless you I am so sorry to hear this news. It must be scary for you, so very much worse than my ligament issue. I truly hope that the surgery will ease your pain. Constant pain is draining, demoralising and sucks the joy out of life. Please let us know how you get on. Gentle Cwtches and the hope of a better tomorrow for you xxx


Hi Gillymcgilly🀗 love your name..I'm saying it in a Scottish accent!! 😹I just popped in to say that if u post about your current problem u will probably get some support in the responses..there r quite a few fellow members who know about spine fusion ops!!

I have no experience myself..but sending u cyber 🀗🀗🀗



Cecily, I am so sorry to hear of your fall and that you can do nothing but do nothing to heal. But you must do your best to rest so you can heal more quickly.

I love the fluffle. I am a big bunny fan and I also did not know that word. When I was a child, we rescued 4 baby bunnies that were abandoned. My dad built a hutch in our garage and we raised them all winter. In the spring, they were able to be on their own. I will never forget the joyful day when we let them go free in the yard. It was a miraculous and beautiful moment.

Thank you for reminding me of that day. In spite of all you are dealing with, you shared the sweet baby bunnies to make all of us smile and feel better.

Many healing hugs your way.

What a lovely story Pumkin. I think to help animals and let them go free is amazing. We rescued a rabbit that had been thrown out. We had never had a rabbit before and she was a huge character. She really loved my cocker spaniels and snuggled up to them on the sofa or jumped in their beds. She would jump over them in the garden, eat their food, and they would Nick her carrots. She was definitely the boss and loved her banana for breakfast. When I was in the bathroom I would never close the door fully as I have poor balance and fall. She would use her teeth to fling open the door then run and jump on my lap. Such a beautiful girl who brought us so much joy and lots of laughs along with the severed phone line, chewed through tv cable and lap top cooler. I really miss her xxx


Hi Sorry to hear your poorly. I had cellulitis a few years ago in my legs and arm. It’s unpleasant. Hope you are better soon

Thanks Josiah yes it is miserable isn’t it? It does not want to leave me, then the phlebitis then the injury gggr xx

It can be overwhelming dealing with so much. Take care🌻

Yes it can thank you Josiah you take care too xx

So sorry to hear about the horrible time you've been having Cecily. You'll have to be good and take care of yourself now. Thanks for sharing that unbelievably cute fluffle!

CecilyParsley in reply to Tykle

Thank you so much. So pleased you liked the fluffle 🐰 xxx

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